HDIL Share Price Target 2024,2025,2028,2030

HDIL Share Price TargetHDIL is a real estate company. HDIL Group is one of the largest real estate and infrastructure companies in India. Also, it is one of the top five companies listed in this sector.

Over the past three decades, HDIL Group has strengthened its reputation as one of the leading real estate developers in Mumbai and has significantly contributed to the rapid growth and development of the Indian real estate market.

Currently the company caters to diverse needs of clients in every segment of real estate business including residential, commercial, retail, slum rehabilitation and land development.

HDIL was ranked as the fastest growing real estate company in India by Construction World-NICMAR in October 2007. This company was established 27 years ago in 1996.

The full name of this company is Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited. (HDIL). The company was founded on July 25, 1996 by Rakeshkumar K. Wadhawan and its headquarters are in Mumbai, India.

About HDIL

The company was incorporated on July 25, 1996 and listed on July 24, 2007. Its headquarters are located in Mumbai. HDIL A real estate company, whose main activities are residential, commercial, retail, slum rehabilitation and land development.

Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited (HDIL) is a listed public company. It is classified as a Public Limited Company and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Its authorized share capital is Rs.1,000.00 crore and total paid up capital is Rs.474.00 crore. Housing Development and Infrastructure Ltd’s revenue for the financial year ended March 31, 2023 was just Rs 64 lakh.

The company has a market cap of Rs 149.31 crore. The company posted a loss of Rs 2.04 crore in the first quarter of FY 24. Due to this, the share did not grow much.

The company is in the business of development. Which is trying to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the future of the next generation. The company is clearing slums and building new houses.

Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited has two directors – Rakesh Kumar Kuldeepsingh Wadhawan and Sarong Rakesh Wadhawan. As per our records, the last AGM (Annual General Meeting) of Housing Development and Infrastructure Limited was held on September 28, 2019.

HDIL share price NSE

One share of HDIL is priced at Rs 3.15 on NSE today on October 23, 2023. Out of which 4.55% decline was seen today. The share’s previous close on the NSE was Rs 3.30.

Since its incorporation in 1996, HDIL has developed 23 projects covering a salable area of ​​about 1,92,90,000 sq.ft. This includes about 1,27,30,000 square feet of land that has been sold to other developers after land development, mainly in the Mumbai metropolitan area.

When the company was listed on the NSE, the price per share was around Rs 450.96. If we look at the last one month, the share has gained 55 paise. A month ago today on September 25, the price of a share was Rs 2.60.

The company suffered losses in the first quarter of FY24 and its shares fell further. The company alleged that HDIL promoter Rakesh Wadhwan and his son Sarang and others conspired to defraud PMC Bank with the help of their former office-bearers.

After this the company was declared bankrupt. The decline in shares has not subsided yet. Today almost all the money invested by investors is lost.

HDIL share price on BSE

The company was simultaneously listed on NSE and BSE. On July 27, 2007, one share of HDIL was priced at Rs 449.67 on the BSE. But today (October 23, 2023) share price of HDIL is Rs 3.36.

Today the stock is down 4.82% or Rs 0.17. HDIL has a 52 week high of Rs.6.05 and a 52 week low of Rs.2.25. In this way, the share has not grown much.

The company’s revenue in the financial year 2022-23 was just Rs 1.31 crore. Out of which there is a loss of Rs.19.80 crore. This is how the continuous decline in the share price is seen.

HDIL share price history

On July 27, 2007, HDIL was trading at Rs 450.96 per share on the NSE. At that time the company was making good profits, which is why the share price was so high.

If we see, on January 11, 2008, one share of HDIL was priced at Rs.1026.63. Thus the share price of the company has been quite good in history. But investors lost confidence in the company after the company’s promoters were named in the fraud case.

Again the company faced many problems during the 2008 recession. Due to which the share price came to Rs 393.98 on March 19, 2008. But the company did not give up and on May 2, 2008 HDIL’s price per share reached Rs 657.57.

Then the bad phase of the company started and on March 13, 2009, i.e. in just one year, the price of a share reached Rs 68.15. After that, on January 22, 2010, the share price again touched Rs 353.05.

But then when the price fell, the company has not been able to overcome it till date. On February 17, 2012, the price of a share came to Rs 122.85. After that till 2015 the share price remained the same.

The share price on April 17, 2015 was Rs 129.60. which reached Rs 27.65 on January 25, 2019. This is the highest price in the last 5 years. There was no price recovery after the share price of 6.40 on September 13, 2019.

Even today the company’s share is Rs 3.15. Due to this, looking at the history, it can be seen that HDIL’s share has fallen drastically. Investors’ invested money is almost lost.

HDIL share price target 2024

There could be several reasons for HDIL share price decline, the first of which is its financial trend. HDIL’s profits are steadily declining and so are its revenues.

In 2020 as well, it faced a maximum loss of Rs 13967 crore, which would not be met even if the profits of the past 4-5 years were added. Also, the company has a huge debt of Rs 2486 crore, which has also become a factor in HDIL’s share price decline.

Due to this, there is no chance of much growth in the shares in the next one year. Thus, the lowest share price in 2024 is Rs 6 and the highest is Rs 8.

  • The lowest HDIL share price target for 2024 is Rs.6.
  • The highest HDIL share price target for 2024 is Rs 8.

HDIL share price target 2025

HDIL share price is estimated to be Rs.9 by 2025 The maximum price can be 11 rupees. If we look at the one year return of the company, it has given a negative return of -8%.

Where last year the return was 1 percent. That means the company is not growing at all, which makes it pointless to invest in it. Stay away from now, the chances of loss are high if you invest.

Because currently the financial condition of HDIL is very bad and it has a lot of debt. However, if the company makes any major changes in the future and grows, the share price may rise.

  • The lowest HDIL share price target for 2025 is Rs.9.
  • The highest HDIL share price target for 2025 is Rs 11.

HDIL share price target 2030

Talking about the highest and lowest HDIL share price target in 2030, it could be Rs 15 and Rs 20 respectively. But the company needs to perform well to increase the share price.

For this he has to constantly improve his financial condition. Because its financial condition is not good enough to attract investors. The company’s profits have been consistently declining for quite some time now.

  • HDIL share price target 2030- Rs.15.
  • The highest HDIL share price target for 2030 is Rs.20.

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