High Court Verdict: Recording calls without permission can lead to 2 years imprisonment

Nowadays, all mobiles from smartphones to feature phones etc have internal call recording option, but now you should be careful about this feature, if you record someone’s call without someone’s permission, you will be liable to IT. Appropriate legal action can be taken under Section 72 of the Act- 2000, the Constitution of India enshrines every individual’s right to privacy. If you are found guilty in case of call recording, under this you will be imprisoned for 2 years and a fine of Rs. A fine of Rs 100,000 may be imposed.

Nowadays in India, people are very worried about call recording, many people are worried about call recording that anyone can secretly record their call, besides this, many people also say that they have phone so there is no option for call recording.

If you are also recording calls then there is a big news for you from high court, if you are recording calls without someone’s permission it is violation of privacy and police can take legal action against you.

According to media reports The Chhattisgarh High Court ruled that recording a person’s mobile phone conversation without his knowledge is a violation of the right to privacy under Article 21. The high court was hearing a plea filed by a woman challenging the family court’s order allowing the husband’s plea in a maintenance case pending since 2019. The High Court found that the husband’s recording of his wife’s phone conversation without her knowledge was a violation of her right to privacy as well as the petitioner’s right guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution.

What does the law say about call recording?

If you record a person’s mobile call without their permission, legal action can be taken against you under Section 72 of the IT Act 2000. any person Disclosure of information relating to him without his knowledge shall be considered as violation of Section 72 and appropriate action shall be taken against him.

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