Horoscope Today 24 October 2023 Read your astrological predictions of all zodiac signs in today’s horoscope

Today’s Horoscope 24 October 2023, Today’s Daily Horoscope: According to astrology, 24 October 2023, Tuesday, is an important day. Dasami Tithi will then be Ekadashi Tithi till 05:15 PM today. Dhanishta Nakshatra will then be Shatabdi Nakshatra till 03:28 PM today. Today, there will be support from Vashi Yoga, Anandadi Yoga, Sanpha Yoga, Parakrama Yoga, Budhaditya Yoga, Gand Yoga formed by the planets. If your zodiac sign is Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, you will get the benefits of Sasha Yoga, where Moon and Saturn will be poisoned. Moon will be in Aquarius.

Note the auspicious time for auspicious work today. Today is the time. From 12:15 PM to 02:00 PM there will be Choghdia of Love-Nectar. Rahukal will be from 03:00 PM to 04:30 PM. What does Tuesday bring for other zodiac signs? Let’s know today’s Horoscope (Horoscope in Hindi)-

Moon will be in 11th house which will increase income. Through your hard work you will succeed in hoisting the flag of success at work, due to which you will become worthy of appreciation. With Budhaditya, Parakram, Gond Yoga formation, a government contractor can suddenly get a big contract. Due to which your profit will be more. As the exam approaches, students have to change their daily routine, for this they should wake up early in the morning and do yoga and pooja.

After completing the work on time, today you will get a chance to spend time with family. Along with mental exertion, physical exertion will also be good for your health. Hanuman Kabach should be recited on the day of Vijayadashami by lighting a ghee lamp. By Hanumanji’s grace you will gain confidence.

Moon will be in 10th house due to which you will be able to follow your father’s footsteps. If you work using technology in your workplace and career, you will be successful in completing work on time. Keep important business documents ready, otherwise you will have to go to court. Some stressful situations may arise in students’ studies.

Along with lack of interest in studies, behavior may also become irritable. A family member is likely to relocate due to job transfer or any other reason. There is a possibility of skin allergy. On Vijayadashami Day – Read Ramcharit Manas. All problems of life will disappear.

As Moon is in the 9th house, there will be an inclination towards spirituality. An unemployed person needs to activate his network, so that his job search can be done quickly. Through Budhaditya, Parakrama, Ganda Yoga, the businessman will get the opportunity to do business by connecting with foreign companies. You can get some offers. By joining a foreign company, your business will go further.

Players are especially aware of the rules. Avoid violating rules and regulations, otherwise you may suffer. Your gentle nature will strengthen your relationship with your spouse as well as with other people. Blood related diseases may be encountered. On Vijayadashami – Aranyaka Kanda of Ramayana. tell me Then offer drink to Hanumanji.

Moon will be in the 8th house due to which you may have a conflict with someone in your maternal family. As toxicity builds up, you may be jealous of your colleagues regarding certain tasks at work, it is not appropriate to have feelings of jealousy in your mind. You should avoid talking bad about anyone at work. “Don’t waste your time on jealousy, sometimes you go ahead, sometimes you fall behind.” If you are not getting expected profit in art business then you can think of starting a new business. Competitive students should focus on their choice.

They should start studying so that they are interested in studies. There is a possibility of ideological differences with the wife or father on some matter in the family. In terms of health, control your eating habits, then the day will go well for you. Panchmukhi Hanuman Kabach should be recited on Vijayadashami day. Also offer turmeric flowers to Hanumanji and float them in the water.

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Moon will be in the seventh house, which will strengthen the relationship between husband and wife. You will be appreciated in the office. Due to the improvement in your work, you will get pleasure from your boss as well as your superiors in the office. By forming Budhaditya, Parakrama, Gand yoga the electronic goods trader can get a big deal which will give him the desired profit and business will also grow.

Respect seniors at Sportsperson Academy and avoid arguing with anyone. Express your opinion by listening to everyone in the family. Get checked by an ophthalmologist as soon as possible if your vision becomes weak. On Vijayadashami. Red flowers should be offered to Lord Rama and Bala Kanda should be recited.

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Moon will be in 6th house due to which enmity of enemies will decrease. Try to finish work on time at work. The harder you work, the sooner you get promoted. “Nothing is impossible for those who try. Your past experience will come in handy in formulating and promoting business strategies. New plans based on past experience will succeed. When you have free time, try using the laptop or spend time with your family instead. .

“Mobile. Use less unnecessary electronic gadgets at home. Can plan shopping with family during festival season. From health point of view you have to be careful about your diet. On Vijayadashami – Sundarkanda and Hanuman. Light ghee lamp in front of Prakash idol.

Moon will be in fifth house due to which parents will get happiness from their children. Brain will work very fast to finish office work. Due to Budhaditya, Parakrama, Gand yoga the businessmen who approach the court in any business matter will get victory, the decision is likely to be in your favor. Players will get a chance to stay with the seniors, and they will also get good guidance by practicing with the seniors.

They have to balance their savings and spending according to their income. Otherwise the budget will be wasted. Pregnant women should be careful while walking. On Vijayadashami – Recite Baal Kanda. Then offer rice kheer to Hanuman Ji.

Moon will be in the fourth house due to which there will be some problems in house renovation. As toxicity builds up, you may experience work stress due to incomplete work, due to which your behavior will also become irritable. The business class should be especially careful while entering into any big deal as there is a possibility of loss in financial matters. Students will find it beneficial to follow their Guru’s instructions. “Guru shows the way, one has to walk.

“The arrival of guests in the family and their hospitality will not only add to the expenses, but also destroy the budget. Follow traffic rules while driving. On Vijayadashami offer red flag to Hanumanji temple and recite Hanuman. Ashtaka.

Moon being in the third house will keep an eye on the companionship of the younger sister. Support your colleagues in the office and complete their work and keep them motivated, so that their morale increases and they work tirelessly. Related: You may have to do some foreign travel, which you may regret if you don’t get any benefits. If competitive students keep getting lost then they should take help of good books.

The house is prone to burglary, so the house is prone to burglary. Keep checking security measures from time to time and stay alert. If you suffer from any disease for a long time, keep taking its medicine on time. On Vijayadashami day – offer red flower garland to Hanuman Ji and recite the incident of Ayodhya.

Moon will occupy the second house due to which problems related to ancestral property will be resolved. While working at workplace, you have to be careful and try not to make any mistakes in your work. Because your opponent has nothing else to do, they are watching for your mistakes, so you have to be careful. A businessman should control his anger and speech. They should avoid conflict with customers on any matter, arguments can damage your image. Competitive students should also prepare their notes while studying online, so that revisions are easy later.

Avoid making negative comments at social and political level. The good news of the arrival of a small guest in the family can be postponed until a later time. From a health point of view, acidity can cause problems. On Vijayadashami – Read Kishkindha Kanda. Offer red lentils to Hanumanji and feed them to the fishes.

Moon will be in your sign due to which you will have unwanted fear in your mind. Creating an official to-do list at work will make getting things done easier. Through Budhaditya, Parakrama, Ganda Yoga, there is hope of getting money stuck in debt from the market. It will increase economic profit and business will be good. New Generation: Don’t forget your grooming while working, otherwise your friends may get angry with you.

It is very important to maintain a relationship with your spouse and respect each other in public. Talking about health will be good. On Vijayadashami make jaggery sweet tikkas and offer them to Hanuman Ji. After that, feed it to the ant and recite the Hanuman Chalisa.

Moon will be in twelfth house due to which some problems may arise due to new contacts. Due to the build up of toxicity, maintain contact with influential people in the office, avoid disputes with superiors and gossipers, otherwise you may face losses. You should think of your own work. Due to the effort you put into the business, you will succeed in reaching the brink of success to some extent. Students, artists and athletes should read motivational speeches or their books to get out of negative thoughts and environment. Start the day with religious activities like pooja, charity etc, it will have God’s blessings on you.

The bird takes it from its beak and donates water to the river for the poor, so that wealth does not diminish, said Das Kabir. Meaning:- Just as the water of the river does not diminish by eating the beak of a bird, similarly, giving to the needy does not diminish the wealth. Eat light and easily digestible food keeping health in mind. On Vijayadashami – Recite Hanuman Bahuk. Then offer red flowers or garlands to Hanuman Ji.

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