Horoscope Today 26 October 2023 Read your astrological predictions of all zodiac signs in today’s Horoscope

Today’s Horoscope 26 October 2023, Today’s Daily Horoscope: According to astrology, 26 October 2023, Thursday is an important day. Dwadashi Tithi will then turn into Troyodashi Tithi by 09:45 am today. Purvabhadrapada nakshatra and then Uttarbhadrapada nakshatra will be present till 11:27 am today. Today, there will be support from Vashi Yoga, Anandadi Yoga, Sunpha Yoga, Parakrama Yoga, Budhaditya Yoga, Dhruva Yoga, Byagatha Yoga formed by the planets. If your zodiac sign is Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius then you will get benefits of Shasha Yoga. Moon will be in Pisces.

Note that today is an auspicious time for good work. There are two times today. Shubo Choghdia will be held from 07:00 to 08:00 in the morning and Shubo Choghdia from 05:00 to 06:00 in the evening. Rahukal will be from 01:30 PM to 03:00 PM.
What does Thursday bring to other zodiac signs? Let’s know today’s Horoscope (Horoscope in Hindi)-

Moon will be in twelfth house due to which you will learn legal tricks. Negligence in partnership trading can prove costly for you. “Use neither time nor words carelessly. For neither meet again nor chance.” When an employee leaves the workplace, his work may be handed over to you, which will put additional workload on you. You need extra time to do that. Be polite to everyone in the family.

You will be restless due to some political issues at the social level. You have to control your speech in love and married life, otherwise fights may escalate. Excessive running can cause physical fatigue. Be careful when playing sports, injury may occur.

Try to increase profits due to Moon being in 11th house. With the formation of Budhaditya, Parakrama, Dhruva, Baghat Yoga and festival seasons, you will get good profit in online marketing business. With your skills at work you will get a job in a big company. You can get a job offer. If there is an ideological difference with someone over ancestral property, it will end.

Be involved in any activities related to education and sports at social and political level. Students will excel in their field through smart studies as well as hard work. Work on work. Taking regular time out will be good for your health. Every person is the author of his own health.”

Moon will be in 10th house which may cause conflict with someone in politics. If you plan to buy a new machine in the industrial trade, buy between 7 am to 8 am and 5 pm to 6 pm. Deal with opposition at work. You will get your work done by keeping your distance. You can easily solve family problems with the advice of elders. Follow traffic rules while driving.

“Slow down and save your precious life.” The day will be full of peace in love and married life. Everyone will appreciate your work on a social level. As exams are approaching, students should focus on revising their syllabus.

Moon will be in the 9th house, which will increase your acquaintance on social level. Your financial position in business will be strong. You will get favorable results on social and political level. After returning to the workplace, one can expect a salary increase. With the support of your love and wife you will face problems with courage. “Life is like two sides of a coin, sometimes happy and sometimes sad.

When you are happy, do not boast and when you are sad, do everything. “Someone in the family will get back the loaned money. They are worried about their health. The problem will reduce a bit. Students should be careful about upcoming exams.

lion –
Moon will be in 8th house which may cause problems in in-laws house. There may be tension over financial benefits in partnership business. Any post you make on social media ahead of the upcoming elections can damage your party and image. From a health point of view, don’t stress too much and drink water frequently. In love and married life, someone’s words can make the relationship bitter.

Be polite when talking to family members. “Hard words are bad because they burn the body and the mind, but soft words are like rain of nectar.” Good news at work will have to wait a little longer for the ear yearning. Engineering students may get distracted from studies. ,

the virgin
Moon will be in the seventh house, which will strengthen your relationship with your wife. During the festive season, along with good financial management, you will try to increase your income. Due to Budhaditya, Parakrama, Dhruva Vibhata Yoga, there is a strong possibility of getting promotion at work. A sudden increase in your spending on the social level may worry you. “He who worries dies every moment and burns every moment.

“The day will be better with love and life partner than other days. You may feel lazy about health. Students should be serious about their studies. You may plan personal travel.

Moon will be in the 6th house due to which some plans will have to be made to repay the debt. By working smart in electronic and electrical business, you will be engaged to take your business to the top. Changing your habits will give you a new path to success at work. You will get the support of all the family members due to which you will be successful in getting your points. You can plan dinner with your love and spouse.

Through Budhaditya, Parakrama, Dhruva, Bybhata Yoga, your unfinished business at the social and political level will be completed. You will suffer from the problem of eye irritation. Students will try to improve their studies. “Nothing is impossible for him who tries.”

There will be moon in the fifth house which will improve students’ studies. Through Budhaditya, Parakrama, Dhruva, Bybhata yoga, it is possible to recover money stuck in the market. This will increase your business growth. After a long day at the office, your boss will appreciate your work financially. You can plan to go on a log drive with your love and spouse. Competitive students may find success in their endeavours.

“Success comes from trying, not waiting.” Your skill at the social level will increase your skills. Can get a marriage proposal from a marriageable person in the family. Any health carelessness. It can weigh heavily on you.

Moon will be in fourth house due to which family comfort will decrease. A recessionary situation due to the work of opponents in the readymade garment business will worry you. At work, you will notice the flaws in your work, due to which you will start improving them. “You should also look at your own faults, they are not always the fault of others.

“You will face more problems due to unnecessary work on social and political level. There may be an argument with someone in the family regarding property. Do not argue with your love and wife about anything. The day is not in your favor. Health conditions. You have to take care of your health. Management and Engineering students will be worried about not being able to finish their project on time.

Moon will be in third house due to which you will get help from friends and relatives. With Budhaditya, Parakrama, Dhruva, Baghat yoga formation, you can plan to build a big structure for a big project in construction business. You will get good options in your career which will boost your confidence and you will move forward. Be health conscious, stay away from junk food. Some spiritual events may be planned in the family.

You will spend time in romance with your love and spouse. Any religious post or short video uploaded by you on political and social level will get more views on social media. Competitive students should focus on their studies to achieve success. “Only the concentrated mind attains complete stillness; A happy mind is focused.”

Chandra being in the second house will be beneficial for complete work. It will be necessary to buy some new machines in your industry. With their arrival your business will touch new heights. Apart from the office, you may need a part-time job for extra income. You will succeed in achieving new levels of success with your merits at the social and political level.

Only the player’s consistency will enable him to succeed. When talking to your love and spouse, you need to weigh your words carefully. “What is a sound? If it smells, it is love, and if it flows, it is a wound.” You can get a special surprise from someone in the family.

Moon will be in your sign, which will increase self-esteem and self-courage. Due to political connections in business you will easily get government contracts. Those who are looking for job will get success in their efforts, they can get job offer letter from the company of their choice. You have to control your anger in the family, otherwise you may get into trouble. Relationships can be bitter in love and married life.

You will be restless due to toothache. There will be some problems in your work due to economic problems at the social level. There may be obstacles. “With your courage, the walls of obstacles will surely break down, you will surely find success.” Players will get better career opportunities.

Shani Sade Sati: Aquarius natives will get rid of Saturn’s Sade Sati on this day, luck star will be bright.

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