Horoscope Today 29 October 2023 Read your astrological predictions of all zodiac signs in today’s Horoscope

Today’s Horoscope 29 October 2023, Today’s Daily Horoscope: According to astrology, 29 October 2023, Sunday is an important day. Pratipada Tithi will be the Second Tithi again tonight till 11:53 PM. Bharani Nakshatra will be there all day today. Today, support can be obtained from Vashi Yoga, Anandadi Yoga, Sanpha Yoga, Parakrama Yoga, Budhaditya Yoga, Gajakesari Yoga, Siddhi Yoga formed by the planets. If your sign is Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius then you will get the benefits of Shasha Yoga where Moon and Rahu will have eclipse defects. Moon will be in Aries.

Note that today is an auspicious time for good work. There are two times today. Benefit will be – Chowghadiya of nectar from 10.15 am to 12.15 pm and Chowghadiya of virtue from 02.00 pm to 3.00 pm. Rahukal will be from 04:30 PM to 06:00 PM. What does Sunday bring for other zodiac signs? Let’s know today’s Horoscope (Horoscope in Hindi)-

Moon will be in your sign which will boost your confidence. By forming Budhaditya, Parakrama, Siddhi, Gajakesari yoga you can get orders from a big company in artificial jewelry business. Only your hard work will bring you success at work. In the room. The health of the elderly will improve. A politician may have to travel for an important meeting or work ahead of the upcoming elections, which may lead to some good news during the festive season. Tension in family relations on Sunday.

The family will last only if you show loyalty. Love and trust will increase in love and married life. Students must consult their teachers and elders before taking any decision. Don’t make studying a burden on yourself. “The study you find painful today will be your greatest strength tomorrow.”

Moon will be in twelfth house which may cause loss of new contacts. The glue business manufactures fe. Due to less manpower and machine power your orders will get stuck, mainly due to increase in workload during festive season and better financial offers. Go somewhere else. Your team member’s cooperation in any important task at work will be impaired due to formation of eclipse error. So that you don’t vent your work or office anger on anyone in the family. You cannot fulfill the promises made to your love and life partner. At the social level you have to complete some tasks alone. You will not get support from anyone.

“We humans think what a man can do, look at the sun that can fill the whole world with light.” The day will be full of health problems. Students should work harder in their studies.

Moon will be in 11th house which will increase profit. With Budhaditya, Parakrama, Siddhi, Gajakesari yoga, if you want to take any important decision for import-export business, time will be in your favor. You can overcome every situation at work with your positive thinking. You will succeed in adapting. Love and life partner will share everything with you. The day will be full of joy with the family. You will be under some stress regarding health.

Time will be favorable for B.Tech students, you continue your efforts. What will happen. “One must strive till the last breath, either the goal is achieved or the experience is gained.” *The day may be very good for you in terms of personal travel.

Moon will be in 10th house which will bring innovation in job. With Budhaditya, Parakrama, Siddhi, Gajakesari yoga you will get extra income in homeopathic, allopathic and ayurvedic medicine business. You need to change your thinking in the office. Only then will you succeed in creating your own identity. “The most expensive book in the world, the most inspiring and valuable idea won’t change you even 1 percent if you don’t want to change.” Before expressing your opinion in the family, think about the consequences and only then take any action.

Please share your thoughts. Ideas and plans of B.Tech and MBA students can be implemented soon. You should not run away from your responsibilities in love and married life. Socially you will be more busy with other activities. The day will be good for you in terms of health. However, don’t be complacent about health.

lion –
Moon will be in ninth house due to which fortune will be bright by doing good deeds. Dry fruits business will face some slowdown. Until the economic conditions of the neighboring countries improve, other ways must be found. By forming Budhaditya, Parakrama, Siddhi, Gajakesari Yoga you can get the fruits of your hard work in the form of promotion at work. On Sunday, you can plan to go to the hill station by bike with friends. Avoid what anyone in the family says. Otherwise the relationship may crack. Always smile and give sweet answers.

“Smiles have no value, relationships have no value, we meet people at every turn, but not everyone is as valuable as you.” Planning to go to a party with love and wife. To overcome laziness while studying, engineering students should walk between studies. You will be troubled by the problems caused by your opponents on the social level.

the virgin
Moon will be in 8th house due to which travel may be difficult. Plans to do something new in business may be cancelled. You have to be careful at work, your opponents may fall prey to some greed. “When greed covers a man’s mind, he begins to find even the path of crime pleasant.” With elections around the corner, sharing a politician’s post on social platforms can be detrimental to you.

Know, if someone in the family says something unknowingly, forgive him. Otherwise unnecessary disputes will arise. Due to bad health of the students, they are not able to concentrate on their studies. Don’t say anything without understanding your love and partner’s feelings. The health of an elderly person at home can be a cause for concern.

Moon will be in seventh house which will bring profit from new products in business. In online business, you will be very busy with your marketing team which will be better for your business. New contacts at work will be very beneficial for you in future. Travel is officially for you. will be encouraged. You have to face some family situation. Your relationship with love and spouse will be very good.

Sports persons work hard only then you will get better results. In terms of health, the day will be somewhat in your favour. But you will still be under some pressure. “Health is the greatest wealth, contentment is the greatest treasure, confidence is the greatest friend!!”

Moon will be in 6th house which will relieve you from old diseases. Ahead of the festive season, oil, chemical and handicraft businesses will make good profits. If you plan to invest in business, do it between 10.15 am to 12.15 am and 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm. Due to your efforts at work, you may be entrusted with a big project by your superiors and boss. “Things get easier with practice.

“In terms of health, the day will go in your favor. Some new work may start at the social level. Family unity will remove stress lines from your face. In love and marriage life, you will enjoy talking. An open heart. Students will learn a lot in studies.

Moon will be in the fifth house due to which there will be a change in the way students study. In the readymade clothing business, you can plan to organize a sale to clear old stock, which will be beneficial for you during the festive season. Your confidence and your work will be discussed everywhere in the workplace, your opponents will praise your work even if they don’t want to. “When a person believes in himself, miracles happen.

“There will be feelings of love in love and married life, it will benefit you. Keep doing regular health checkups and proper exercise. Do not worry unnecessarily in the family, the situation will soon become favorable. It will happen. Your work at the social and political level will be done without any problems. Students will be busy completing their projects.

Moon will be in fourth house due to which there may be some problems in house repair. Due to the business situation your colleagues will be busy robbing you, you cannot change even if you want to. Be patient and wait for the right time. You will face many problems due to laziness at work. The situation is not favorable for you. “Beware of laziness, it gives you today, it takes away your tomorrow.” Share your heart feelings with your love and life partner.

If something has gone wrong in the family, try to convince him that arguing can make the situation worse. Students will be worried because of some problem in their project. A normal fever can cause problems for you. Watch out for changing weather conditions. You will have to face some problems in the official trip.

Moon will be in third house due to which you will get help from friends and relatives. With the formation of Budhaditya, Parakrama, Siddhi, Gajakesari Yoga, your sweet nature in food and restaurant business will enhance your business growth. Apart from your team, you will have good communication with colleagues in the office. You will get help. On Sunday, you will get full cooperation and support from all members in any family work. If you want to change something in your love and married life, you just need to change your perspective. Due to obesity, carelessness about health will cause you problems. This can cost you a lot.

This will give you some relief, which you should not take lightly and should definitely consult a doctor. “Take care of your health in the busyness of life, otherwise you may get ahead but your stomach may get ahead of you…” Success of BSc, MSc and Technical Students . You have to work hard to achieve it. You will be busy planning personal trips.

Moon will be in the second house which fulfills moral values. With Budhaditya, Parakrama, Siddhi, Gajakesari yoga formation, you can get some new advertisement and short film work offers in animation and multimedia business. Being punctual at work can be difficult for some people. Political communication at the social level will speed up your work. Due to planetary alignment, the day will go in your favor health-wise.

You may be a little worried about some family matter. Two powerful enemies in our life are anger and anxiety. Anger destroys conscience, anxiety destroys morale, anger destroys peace and anxiety destroys beauty. Control your words while talking to your love and spouse. Technical students will not be able to concentrate on their studies.

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