How does a sim card work?

What is SIM card and how it works: A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card is a type of chip that is inserted into your mobile phone and is required for many important functions. This card helps to perform some of the following tasks. Here we will know in detail how SIM card works and how much it is required.

What is a SIM card and its functions (What is a SIM card)

A SIM card is a type of identification card, which is used by your mobile network to authenticate your identity. It sends your identity information to your mobile network provider.

You can get messaging and call services through the SIM card. It connects to your mobile network and tracks the calls and messages you make

Also, SIM card is a means of getting your data connection. Through this you can use the internet.

Similarly, through SIM card, USSD, you can check your account balance and get many other services.

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The SIM card installed in the phone helps keep your mobile device safe. It is also a part of data protection and personal information protection.

The SIM card helps connect your phone to the network by associating with the network provider and allowing your mobile telephone to use their services.

How does it work? (How a SIM card works)

SIM cards are designed according to the ISO/IEC 7816 international standard – as the name suggests – by the International Organization for Standardization and the International Electrotechnical Commission. This applies to electronic identity cards including smart cards.

In this standard, the card itself contains the integrated circuit, glued to a silicon substrate on top. On the other side of the substrate are the metal contacts, which form the colored part of the SIM card. Wires connect the integrated circuit to its bottom and top metal contacts and connect the communication interface to the phone’s data connector.

How important is a sim card?

SIM card has become an important part nowadays. Whether you want to use the internet on a mobile phone or communicate with far-off relatives and friends, SIM cards play an important role in these situations. Currently, it is the era of 5G all over India and people are using it a lot.

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