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Cultivation of black wheat , With time the farmers of the country are looking for new solutions to improve their economic condition. Government is also making efforts to empower farmers economically and agriculturally. Similarly, a black wheat variety was recently discovered at the Punjab Crop Research Institute. This wheat is in demand in the market due to its quality and good income to the farmers.


Black wheat Due to its superior qualities and abundant features, it ,Super wheat, It is said that Cultivation of black wheat Recently the government and the agriculture department are expecting from the farmers as the demand in the market is high and the productivity is low. Farmers are actively participating in new varieties of crops and want to do something new.

Black wheat is currently being cultivated by agricultural institutions and farmers in states like Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat. So let’s know the full details and complete information about this variety of wheat-

How is black wheat cultivated?

The farmer has to prepare the field as well as for normal wheat. While preparing the field choose organic fertilizers as far as possible like cow dung, vermi compost, green manure, gypsum etc.

When to sow black wheat?

If we talk about the right time of sowing seeds Mid November Monthly salary to be paid. Delayed sowing reduces the yield, so sowing should be done on time.

Irrigation of black wheat-

  • Black wheat crop should be first irrigated 2 to 3 weeks after sowing.
  • After that it is time for crop budding.
  • 3 Irrigation: Irrigate wheat crop during bale formation.
  • The next irrigation should be done before the wheat ear emerges.
  • Give 5th irrigation when wheat becomes milky.
  • Now when the wheat is ripe, give the last irrigation.

Black wheat varieties?

Recently NABI of Punjab discovered this variety Three types of black wheat was developed. which black wheat Seen to be full of the best qualities.

There are three types of black wheat – Black, Blue, Purple.

Black Wheat Price 2023 (Black Wheat Price in India)?

Farmers have to talk about the price of this wheat Black wheat price It is available for a price ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000. Farmers can sell this wheat in nearby markets as well as nearby markets and agricultural institutions.
Uttar Pradesh and Bihar Black wheat seeds Usually the price is Rs 70-80 per kg.

Due to low production of black wheat there is demand in 12-15 states of the country. Black wheat rate 5000 to 6000 rupees per quintal is being sold in the market.

Benefits of Black Wheat Cultivation (Benefits of Black Wheat in Hindi)?

  • Compared to normal wheat black wheat It is many times more nutritious.
  • As it is a rare crop, the farmers’ fortunes are likely to improve.
  • In the future, black wheat will be widely used as medicine.
  • Currently, black wheat is available four times as much as common wheat.
  • Eating black wheat bread prevents many diseases.
  • Black wheat also provides nutrients and energy to the body.
  • Farmers are getting good price.
  • Cultivation of black wheat in villages will prove to be a boon of new employment due to the new type of crop.
  • Black wheat is proving to be gold for farmers.
  • It is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes, as this wheat is digested quickly.
  • Prevents heart disease and relieves constipation.
  • Beneficial in stomach cancer
  • Black wheat will prove helpful in getting rid of 15 other diseases including cancer, sugar, obesity, heart disease.
  • Beneficial in high blood pressure
  • Effective in diabetes
  • Effective in eliminating intestinal infections
  • Effective in building new tissue

The main characteristics of black wheat?

  • This farming is more profitable than traditional farming.
  • Science about this breed is also being influenced by its qualities and promoting it a lot.
  • It looks black but is full of nutrients.
  • Common wheat contains 5 to 15 ppm of anthocyanins, while black wheat contains 40 to 40 ppm of anthocyanins (anthocyanin pigments).
  • The percentage of zinc and iron in black wheat is much higher than that of common wheat.
  • Food becomes palatable and nutritious due to high PPM.
  • The black color of this wheat is also due to high PPM.
  • black wheat This wheat flour blend, which helps boost immunity, is available in some developed markets.

Where can black wheat seeds be found?

Where to get black wheat seeds ,

  • farmer Black wheat seeds Intimacy Department of Agriculture Contact them, they will arrange it for you soon.
  • You can also buy black wheat seeds from your nearest agricultural market.
  • In search of seeds, you can also get seeds with the help of social networks like YouTube, Facebook etc.

Black wheat start (black wheat seed start in India)?

Recently, wheat has been sold at a higher price than normal wheat. A research institute in Punjab Discovered by

Located in Muhali, Punjab National Institute of Agro-Food Biotechnology Developed by You say that NABI Research on the discovery of black wheat began in 2010 and after 7 years of research, the black wheat variety was found. The scientific name of this variety is NABI-MG due to the discovery of black wheat by NABI.


Which fertilizer should be used in black wheat farming?

To the farmer Cultivation of black wheat Conventional and organic fertilizers should be used as far as possible. If the farmer’s land is less fertile or dependent on fertilizers, the farmer needs to prepare the land as for normal wheat. Before cultivating land dependent on manure DAPApply urea, potash, zinc sulphate per acre.

Future plans for black wheat cultivation (Kala Gehu Ki Kheti)?

  • Due to its qualities and characteristics, black wheat will be sold naturally in the market in the future.
  • Farmers will get employment and crop prices will increase.
  • Black wheat food item (black wheat bread) will be used as
  • To increase the production of black wheat, Nabi is in contact with the big agricultural companies of the country for contact farming.
  • Black wheat produced through contact farming will soon be available in the market.
  • Currently, farmers who have cultivated this crop are getting three to four times the price, turning black wheat into gold.

Where to find black wheat seeds?

farmer Black wheat seeds Contact the nearest Agriculture Department (KVK), they will arrange for you soon.
Black wheat seeds You can also contact your nearest agricultural market.
In seed search, seeds can also be found with the help of social networks like YouTube, Facebook etc. I can
There are many farmer brothers in the comments below the post, those who want to sell black wheat seeds can also contact.

What is the yield of black wheat?

Its yield is considered to be slightly lower than that of conventional wheat, as it is considered better through organic methods. If we consider its average yield, 15 quintals per acre is available.

Where is black wheat sold?

farmer This wheat can be sold in nearby markets and agricultural institutions as well as in nearby open markets or many farmers are also buying and selling online.

How much black wheat is sold?

Black wheat rate It is being sold at Rs 5000 to 6000 per quintal in the market, even fetching higher prices in the open market.

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