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How to Grow Carrots 2023-24 – Carrot is known as one of the most profitable crops in rabi season. Carrots are rich in carotene and vitamin A. Carrots are in high demand in the market during the winter season; During this time vegetables are widely used in making dishes like puddings, pickles, salads etc. Carrot is a cold climate crop, the temperature for its cultivation should be between 8 and 25 degrees.

How to grow carrots

In this beautiful article you will find special information about improved cultivation of carrots – When and how to grow carrots? What are Improved Carrot Varieties/Improved Seed Varieties? Weed control, what is profit-making?

How to grow carrots?

Farmer brothers, remember, if you are farming for good income only by selling in the market, you should From field preparation to seed sowing, fertilizers, disease control, maintenance, care, benefits, everything can be done in an advanced manner. test the soil using improved methods, select improved seeds, sow well, use organic fertilizers, take care of irrigation, we will talk about these one by one-

Carrot Crop Climate/Soil-

This crop mainly requires cold climates, but due to the development of many improved varieties through research, it can also be cultivated in mild climates. Speaking of suitable soil, organic fertile soil with good drainage, while silt, brown light, loam soil is considered best.

When are carrots cultivated/Carrot cultivation time?

Rabi season is the best and right time for cultivation from September to October, farmers can sow carrots late till November.

How to prepare the field?

For good tillage, you should first plow 2 to 3 deep with a cultivator, add compost or cooked cow dung to the second plow and plow the second-third. For the final size, the field should be leveled and can be sown in ridges in an advanced manner.

The main improved varieties of carrots?

Today, there are many improved varieties of carrot available in the market, which farmers can sow according to the soil and climate of their land –

Pusa Meghali Carrot Seeds-

The seeds of this variety can be sown from August to September, the seeds ripen in 100 to 110 days from the time of sowing. Pusa Meghali breed If we talk about yield, 250 to 310 quintal/ha can be accepted

Weed control in carrot cultivation

Carrot Pusa Saffron Varieties-

This variety is known for its sweet taste. Variety of Pusa Kesar It is rich in vitamin A and carotene. The Pusa saffron variety is ready for cultivation in 90 to 110 days. his Yield 200 to 300 quintals/ha can be taken up to

Nantes Carrot Seeds –

It is a hybrid variety of carrot, which is more palatable, sweet and grainy. Nantes carrot seeds Yield 200 quintal/ha All around.

Hisa Juicy Carrot Seeds-

This variety looks delicious and attractive. Carrots of the Hisar variety are rich in vitamin A and carotene. Hisa juicy carrot seeds Yield 250 to 300 quintals can be seen up to

When-How-To Grow Carrots

How much irrigation is required in carrot cultivation?

Farmer brothers, carrot crop needs 5 to 6 irrigations. While cultivating using ridge-bandi method, the farmer needs to give 1-2 more irrigations. Water should not go over the ridge, but should be limited to three by four sections. On normal days, irrigate every 10 to 15 days as needed.

What fertilizer should be given to carrots?

20 to 30 tonnes of rotted cow dung per hectare should be applied during the second cultivation during field preparation. When the crop is 25 to 30 days old after sowing, 20 kg of nitrogen should be applied to the standing crop and allowed for soil preparation.

How to control weeds in carrot cultivation?

Along with carrots, many weeds also grow in the field, which affects your crop yield. These unwanted weeds deplete field moisture and nutrients, crops should be weeded every 15 days.

In case of excess weeds Pretilaflor medicine Chemicals can be sprayed at the rate of 1250 ml per hectare.

Earning from carrot farming?

A farmer can earn good income from vegetable crops, a farmer can easily earn 50 to 1 lakh per acre from 3 months crop by growing carrot. Many farmers near urban areas are earning Rs 2 to 3 lakh per acre by cultivating this crop in early and late season.

How long does it take for carrot seeds to germinate?

Carrot seeds take about 5 to 10 days to germinate. For this reason, care should be taken not to irrigate at this time.

How many seeds of carrots are needed in one bigha?

Seed cost depends on the sowing method of the farmer, in general, 1.5 to 3 kg of carrot seed is required per bigha – Carrot cultivation pdf

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