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On the surface of the earth is a thin granular layer of particles, called soil. Soil contains many types of organic and inorganic substances, which increase the quality of crops.

How to Fertilize the Soil – It’s not just about watering, fertile soil is very important for a healthy plant, you need to provide regular nutrients to increase its fertility. You can also adopt organic/inorganic methods to fertilize any soil.

How to make soil fertile

What is soil fertility?

Fertilizer is like a living organism in the soil, which needs controlled nutrients to increase productivity. Such nutrients are obtained from organic matter. Farmers use many methods to make the soil more fertile – but sometimes the soil does not improve at all.

If your land is not fertile, you will not be able to produce crops well. Just as agriculture requires sufficient water to grow crops, soil should also be fertile to grow good crops.

What are the ways to fertilize the soil?

  • Organic method: You can increase soil fertility by using organic fertilizers.
  • Minimize the use of chemicals.
  • Organic matter has to be used, rotting manure immediately provides nutrients that favor soil fertility.
  • Continuous plowing loosens layers and turns the soil layer, which also increases soil fertility.
  • To fertilize the soil, you have to follow the crop rotation system, that is, you should cultivate your field with alternate crops.
  • Do not burn the remaining residue (keep it after harvesting), do not throw it in the field and do deep plowing 2 to 3 times, as after some time it will decompose into manure.
  • Regular use of dung as fertilizer on the land will also increase soil fertility.

How earthworms fertilize the soil?

Earthworms mix the soil layer and bind the soil with organic matter. Earthworms make the soil more fertile, loosening and fertilizing the land. Earthworms maintain organic cycling processes in the soil, due to which earthworms make the soil more fertile.

How to make barren land fertile?

Due to excessive use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides in the pursuit of higher production, the land is becoming barren due to loss of soil fertility. Organic is the only method by which you can re-fertilize your soil. Organic carbon to increase soil productivity and Use of organic fertilizers have to do

In barren land, for the first time, green fodder crops are grown with light cow dung fertilizer and green fodder before harvest. Rotavator or Disc harrow Crops continue to add to the soil for 2 to 3 years. Barren land can be quickly brought back to fertility by this method.

How to fertilize sandy soil?

To fertilize sandy soil, you need to use compost potting mix and other compost materials and composted animal manure. Sandy soils are high in calcium, phosphate, nitrogen, organic matter and low in carbonates, due to which these sandy soils or sandy soils become infertile.

How to make clay soil fertile?

You need to fertilize the clay soil Green manure And you have to use organic fertilizers and you have to reduce the use of chemicals. You should always add organic fertilizers to your land – like animal dung manure, this manure is the best fertilizer, it increases the fertility of the soil. You have to continuously plow each crop in your field before sowing and after harvesting.

How to increase soil fertility according to crops?

The soil has fertility qualities due to proper amount of nitrogen, potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc and copper. To overcome these nutrient deficiencies, you should add dung, green manure or compost to your soil and alternate sowing of your crops.

How pulse crops fertilize the soil?

Farmer brothers should also grow pulse crops in their fields, after deep roots, shallow roots crops should be cultivated in the field. After growing crops with high irrigation, farmers should also grow crops with low irrigation, this method of farming also increases the fertility of the soil.

List of major organic fertilizers that help to fertilize the soil?

What to do to make the land fertile for a long time?

By adopting traditional methods of cultivation, farmers can reduce the growing cost of cultivation and maintain soil fertility. Making the land fertile for a long time Zero budget farming And Natural farming Considered a good option. Should organic fertilizers be used? Chemical fertilizers You don’t use it, chemical use slowly destroys soil fertility.

Fertilizers play an important role in fertilizing the soil. The higher the nitrogen content in the fertilizer, the better it will be for the soil, as nitrogen is an essential nutrient for the soil. Vermicompost, organic manure, neem pita, mustard pita manure should be used to fertilize the soil.

How to prepare suitable soil for the garden?

  • To prepare soil for gardening, you first need to test the soil.
  • Soil pH should be between 6 and 7.
  • The best soil for gardening is loamy soil.
  • The soil needs to be enriched with nutrients while preparing the soil.
  • Compost made from banyan, banana and peepal leaves should be used to increase soil fertility.
  • The soil should be free from diseases and fungi.

What are the main important points for protecting soil health in fields?

  • Soil can also be improved by using neem cake, mustard cake, hemp manure and crop and vegetable residues.
  • Crops like maize, cowpea, gram, millet and sorghum should be sown in crop rotation to increase the fertility of the land.
  • Check the soil from time to time.
  • in the field Drip irrigation To be done, crops should be planted with less water after crops with more water.

How to soften the soil?

This requirement is mostly for small garden or home garden – to keep the soil soft and soft, mix 20% sand and 10% cocoa peat, 10% mustard cake manure is also mixed in it.

For hard field land Gypsum fertilizer use It is considered to be the best way to soften the soil.

What elements are important to make the soil fertile?

Nitrogen, potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, copper etc. are important elements to fertilize the soil.

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