How to remove dust and dirt from phone, speaker-mic, cleaning method

Smartphones have now become an important part of our lives, and we spend almost the entire day with them, whether we are out for a walk or during meals. Because of this, the state of our phones has a big impact.

It collects dust and dirt which destroys its speaker and mic. If this has happened to you too, we have come up with a better solution for you. By adopting it, you can make your phone clean and tidy. Come on, tell us about it.

compressed air

To remove sand and dust from the phone, you can use compressed air. To use it, first remove the phone cover and battery.

Now place the straw on the compressed air nozzle and press the trigger by inserting the straw into the charging port and headphone port of the phone. This can help clean the phone.

Vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is also a good option for removing dust and sand from the phone. Move the vacuum cleaner hose to the phone and turn on the vacuum cleaner.

This action can suck the dust from the phone and remove it with a vacuum cleaner. Do this for a while, which can help remove sand and dust.


You can clean the phone dust with a toothpick or similar cloth. Gently take a toothpick and clean the part of the phone where dust or sand is stuck. Keep cleaning the phone slowly like this. Once the dust is cleared, wipe the phone thoroughly with a soft cloth.

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