Japanese researcher has developed a device to record videos of dreams

Dream recording device: It is said that a dream come true is like meeting God. People dream at night and disappear in the morning. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if someone recorded your dream like a film and watched it before your eyes in the morning. Don’t be surprised, but it’s about to come true now. Because, a Japanese researcher has done such amazing work, which everyone is surprised to see. According to the report, Japanese researchers are working on a device that will record night dreams and give them a film look.

The dream will be recorded

According to reports, Japanese researchers have developed a device that can playback your dreams. The device employs functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to measure brain activity and identify patterns associated with specific dream content. Machine learning algorithms then reconstruct these patterns into visual images, making it possible to create dream playback videos. The tool harnesses the power of deep learning and natural networks to bridge the gap between the subjective experience of dreams and the objective visual representation.

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Dream recording device

Another great feature of this device is that you can watch the dream video whenever you want and stop whenever you want. In simple terms, you can pause your dream video or watch it again. This device presents an opportunity to study the relationship between dreams, emotions, memory and mental well-being. By analyzing dream content and patterns, researchers can uncover hidden aspects of personality.

However, it is not yet revealed whether this high-tech device will be made public in the market.

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