Kapil Sharma shares new ad campaign video taking revenge from Akshay Kumar

Kapil Sharma Advertisement: Comedian Kapil Sharma is always in the headlines whether he appears on the show or not. Her fun style wins over her fans every time. Sometimes she is in news for her shows and sometimes for her fashion. If anyone has been on The Kapil Sharma Show the most, it would be Akshay Kumar. Akshay always came to Kapil’s show to promote his films. Where both made fun of each other. Kapil always pulls Akshay for projecting too much. Not only this, she once accused Akshay of ad plagiarism. Now Kapil has taken revenge from Akshay.

Kapil took revenge
In fact, Kapil Sharma had earlier done an ad that would see Akshay Kumar next year. Now Kapil withdrew that advertisement. A new ad of Neeti is out featuring Kapil Sharma. The ad also features influencer Agu Stanley along with Kapil.

This was the case
Akshay Kumar once came on The Kapil Sharma Show to promote his film Suryavanshi. Where Kapil makes fun of Akshay about his work. Kapil said- Apart from 8 films if someone else like me does a small ad film then his ads will also be taken away.

Kapil accused Akshay
Kapil also said, an advertisement was made, it went very well. I said ok, we will call again next year. Next year I will see this Yamaraj wearing a hat and say complete your policy.

Talking about the work front, Kapil recently returned from an international live tour. This year his program was discontinued. Kapil is going to return with the new season very soon.

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