Karnataka News: Farmers reach electricity office with crocodiles, protest on this issue

A shocking farmers’ protest unfolded in Karnataka’s Vijayapura. In protest, the farmers reached in front of the electricity office with crocodiles and threatened to throw them in the office. In fact, these farmers were worried about not getting adequate electricity for farming at the right time. So they thought of protesting aggressively. The incident took place a few days ago and took place in Kolhara taluk of Vijayapura.

Farmers complain that power supply to their fields and homes is not smooth and the schedule of three-phase electricity is not regular. Disturbed by this, the local farmers took a live crocodile on a tractor and reached the office of Hescom i.e. Hubli Electricity Supply Company Limited. These agitating farmers found a live crocodile in the field of Ronihala village, loaded it on a tractor and took it to the electricity office and left there.

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What is the whole thing?

The farmers placed the crocodile in front of Hescom officials and demanded uninterrupted three-phase electricity during the day as their crops were drying up. Expressing their frustration, the farmers questioned who would be responsible if someone was bitten by a snake, scorpion or crocodile and died at night. Because of this, the farmers symbolically took their protest to the power office with a crocodile.

Incidentally, a farmer came across a crocodile while irrigating his field on Thursday night. With the help of other farmers, the crocodile was caught and loaded onto a tractor and taken straight to the Hescom office. After this incident, there was a sensation in the whole area and the government department became active. The forest department came forward to intervene in the incident and extinguished it by convincing the farmers. Forest department officials explained to farmers and power department officials. Later, the farmers picked up the crocodile from the Hescom office and went back.

What do farmers say?

A protesting farmer said that Hescom is currently providing three-phase electricity only at night. In this situation, they are forced to irrigate the field at night. They have to irrigate crops at night with various risks. The farmer said the crocodile tried to attack. Many farmers tied his hands and feet and brought him straight to Hescom office. Apart from crocodiles, farmers are also in trouble from snakes and scorpions. Farmers are awake all night guarding the crops. On the other hand, Hescom says that the complaints of the farmers have been forwarded.

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