Kartik month 2023 festival con Diwali 2023 date in Hindu calendar

Kartik Month 2023 Start Date: The month of Kartik is about to begin soon. The month of Kartik is of immense importance in Hinduism. This month is considered auspicious. All major Hindu festivals fall in this month. Let’s find out why this month is so special and special.

The month of Kartik is considered very special for bathing. Bathing in any holy river during this month is very fruitful. The year is 2023 Kartika month starts from 29th October 2023, Sunday. The month of Kartik will last till 27th November. The month of Kartik ends on the day of Kartik Purnima. On this day people especially go to bathe in the Ganga.

Significance of the month of Kartik
The month of Kartik has special importance in Hinduism. Tulsi is also worshiped along with Lord Vishnu in this month. Bathing, donating and lighting lamps in this month can get rid of problems. Waking up early in the morning and taking a bath throughout the month of Kartika gives special results.

Why Kartik Mas is Special (Kartik Mas 2023)
Tamasic food should not be eaten during the month of Kartik. Onion, garlic, meat and alcohol should not be eaten at all during this month, the month of Kartik is considered very auspicious for worship. This month is the time to seek the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. Kartik month is the last and fourth month of Chaturmas. Bathing, giving and worshiping in the month of Kartik have special significance. So this month rules must be followed.

Major Festivals in Kartik Month (Kartik Month 2023 Festivals)

  1. Karva Chauth
  2. Ahoi Ashtami
  3. Rama Ekadashi
  4. Dhanteras
  5. black fourteen
  6. Diwali
  7. Kartik Amavasya
  8. Govardhan Puja
  9. brother duj
  10. Chhat Puja
  11. Gopa Ashtami
  12. Debuthani Ekadashi
  13. Tulsi wedding
  14. Dev Diwali
  15. Kartik Purnima

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