Kartika Month 2023 Start Date 29th October Kartika Month Bath Significance Rule

When Kartik Month 2023 Starts: Kartik month starts after Ashwin month. This month is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Bathing, donating and fasting in the month of Kartika can easily get rid of all troubles. Lord Shiva and Vishnu and Kartikeya and Tulsi are worshiped in this month.

Goddess Lakshmi is specially worshiped in this month to get eternal merit. find out The year is 2023 When Kartik month starts, its significance and dos and don’ts.

When does Kartik month 2023 start? (Start date of Kartik month 2023)

This year Kartik month starts from 29 October 2023. It will end on 27 November 2023 Kartika Purnima. The month of Kartika is a month of penance and fasting, worshiping God in this month fulfills all human desires.

Importance of bathing in the month of Kartik (Significance of the month of Kartik)

Masanan Karthik: Shrestha Devna Madhusudan.

Tirtha Narayankhyam Hi Tritayam Durlabham Kalau.

meaning- According to this verse written in Skandapurana, the month of Kartik is great and rare like Lord Vishnu and Vishnu Tirtha.

On the day of Kartika Purnima, Mahadev killed the demon Tripurasura and Lord Vishnu assumed the incarnation of a fish. In the month of Kartika, Lord Vishnu resides in water in the fish incarnation. In such a situation, taking a bath in a river or a pond before sunrise and donating the entire month of Kartika will lead to Vaikuntha Jagat. He is free from sin. It is said that the gods themselves come to earth to bathe in the Ganges during the month of Kartika.

What to do in the month of Kartik (Dos of Kartik Masar)

  • Wake up before sunrise in the month of Kartika and take a bath in the holy river. You can bathe in any river. Moksha is attained through this. Sin is washed away.
  • Eat a few tulsi leaves with water on an empty stomach. It is believed to provide relief from diseases throughout the year.
  • In the month of Kartik, light a lamp under Tulsi and do Parikrama daily. This made Dhan Lakshmi happy.
  • Donation of food, woolen clothes, sesame seeds, lamp, amla etc. in the month of Kartika gets Lakshmi’s blessings from all sides.
  • Eating radish, tuber, carrot, gourd and sweet potato in this month is good for health. It keeps the person healthy.

What not to do in the month of Kartik (What not to do in the month of Kartik)

  • Autumn begins in the month of Kartika. Due to the time between the two changing seasons, health problems also start to arise on this day. In such a situation, brinjal, buttermilk, bitter gourd, curd, cumin, beans and pulses should not be eaten during the month of Kartik.
  • In the month of Kartika, Shri Hari resides in water, so do not eat fish or other tamasic things even by mistake.

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