Kashir Dev Diwali: Havan lamp being made from local dung in Gorakhpur, Kashir Dev Diwali will be lit after US

Varanasi News: Kashi is located on the banks of the holy Ganga which falls on the trident of Devadhideva Mahadev. It is counted among the oldest cities in the world. It is said that Kashi is different from the three worlds. Not just Kashi, everything here is different from other places. Man, Adi, Holi and Diwali too. Although Kashi is festive throughout the year, some events here are considered very special. One of these is ‘Dev Diwali’ which is organized after Diwali. This time in Kashi, there will be some lights and lots of fragrance for the ‘Havan Pradeep’ of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s home district of Gorakhpur on the special occasion of ‘Dev Diwali’. This “havan deep” is made from local dung. For this, Sangeeta Pandey of Siddhi Vinayak Mahila Shakti Society received an order from the UP Design and Research Institute run by the state’s MSME department.

Benefits of local dung

Why is the lamp made only from cow dung? To this question, Sangeeta said that it is easier to shape as domestic cow dung is harder than foreign cow dung. At present, around 50 women of Gulriha village near Gorakhpur are busy lighting havan lamps with their skillful hands.

Havan lamp is pollution free

Havan lamp is completely pollution free. After burning there is no waste except ash. To make it, dung is first collected and the essence used to scent the incense is added. The cow dung is then tied well and wrapped around the bottle cut in the form of cough syrup.

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After drying, the phial is separated from the dung. Then with all the ingredients used in the haban (betel nuts, barley, sesame seeds, desi ghee, guggul etc.) it is locked with myrrh. Some camphor is placed on top for easy burning. After giving light and fragrance, all these things turn to ashes.

Havan Deep has also been sent to America

According to Sangeeta Pandey, she sent 5000 havan lamps to America in an order about three weeks ago. There are more orders from abroad. But, says Sangeeta, Uttar Pradesh and the country are most important to me. Why, his reply was, the way our festivals have become vibrant after Yogi became Chief Minister, if I get a chance to make them more vibrant, it will be my fortune. Then I came from Gorakhpur. Gorakhpeeth is the center of strength and energy for everyone here. For me too. Yogi is not only the chief minister but also the chairperson of this chair. Even small roles in any of his works are important to me.

50 ladies are busy preparing orders received for Diwali.

50 ladies are busy preparing orders received for Diwali. Havan cup is being made by hand. A lot of care has to be taken while making the cup. Sangeeta Pandey said that a Havan is being offered for Rs.28. Apart from this, women also get other jobs. Every woman earns extra 5 to 6 thousand rupees sitting at home.

Sangeeta joins successful women entrepreneurs

It is noteworthy that Sangeeta Pandey started the packaging work few years ago with just Rs 1500 for the better future of children and families. Today she is among the successful women entrepreneurs. Recently he also participated in Greater Noida Expo with his products. He has also received many honors at local and state level.

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