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Ancient beliefs about eclipses and rituals are now declining. With the rhythm of modernity, people have also forgotten that there is science behind these customs. In childhood, it was forbidden to leave the house during eclipse, food was prohibited, it is also described in books like Dharmasindhu and Dikshasindhu.

During the eclipse, gods and goddesses could not be touched and visiting temples was also forbidden. Tulsi leaves were added to grains and water to protect them from the ill effects of consumption. After the eclipse, first wash the house, then give charity and start the daily routine again. But now this tradition is slowly declining. But purity must be maintained. Be it lunar eclipse or solar eclipse, it has adverse effects. At least everyone should avoid eating and drinking during the eclipse and take a bath after the eclipse ends.

There will be a lunar eclipse on the autumn full moon

This year’s Sharad Purnima will be very special as there is a lunar eclipse on Sharad Purnima day. A lunar eclipse is taking place on the autumn full moon day. According to many experts, the lunar eclipse in India will begin at 01:15 am on 28 October 2023 and end at 02.24 pm. On lunar eclipse, sutak time starts 9 hours earlier (many astrologers have different time calculations, you can also consult your personal astrologer). Before this, the activities were prohibited since the Sutak era. But in today’s era of AI, people find it impossible to control their activities. Yet even science accepts the effects of eclipses on us.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon. As a result, the light of the sun’s rays does not reach the moon directly but touches the earth’s sphere and reaches the moon. No more total lunar eclipse this time. Pregnant women should not go out during such times. What is reassuring is that this eclipse is happening while most people are sleeping.

Skandapurana Mahesvara Chapter 12 describes the story of lunar eclipse. According to this, Lord Vishnu took Mohini avatar during the churning of the ocean, in order to provide nectar to the deities. Mohini enchanted all the demons. The demons were fascinated by Yoga Maya. He was not very intelligent either. Therefore, Mohini Devi did whatever she said. Everyone stayed up in the night with great joy and took bath before dawn. After completing all the necessary rituals, King Bali and other Asuras came and sat down in a row to drink the nectar. Bali, Brishaparva, Namuchi, Sankha, Budbud, Sudangashatra, Sanhad, Kalnemi, Vibhishana, Batapi, Ilval, Kumbha, Nikumbha, Pragas, Sunda, Upasunda, Nishumbha, Shumbha and other Rakshas and Asuras sat in a row.

At that time Mohini Devi was looking very beautiful with Sudha Kalash in her hand. At the same time, all the gods came to the Asuras with food in their hands. Seeing them, Goddess Mohini said to the Asuras – ‘Consider them your guests. They keep thinking that religion is everything. You should donate as much as you can for these. Those who help others according to their ability should be considered blessed. He is the protector of the whole world and the most holy. Those who trade only to feed themselves suffer tribulation.

On these words of Devi Mohini, the Asuras called the Indra gods to drink the nectar. Then all the gods sat there drinking Sudha. After he was seated, Mohini Devi, who knows all religions and serves the interests of the deities, spoke this wonderful word – ‘Vedic srutis say that guests should be welcomed first. Now you say – Mahabhaga King Bali etc. will say themselves, to whom should I serve Amrit first?’ Said – ‘Devi! Do as per your interest. Thus honored by the pious King Bali, Mohini Devi took up the pot of amrita for serving and quickly began to offer amrita to the community of deities.

Goddess Mohini in the form of Lord Vishnu poured that nectar again and again in front of the deities, just like her sweet smile. All the gods, devas, lokapalas, gandharvas, yakshas and apsaras drank the sudhara offered by him with fascination. At that time a demon named Rahu sat in the row of gods to drink nectar. When he wished to drink the nectar, Sun and Moon told Lord Vishnu about immortal glory. Then Lord cut off the head of Rahu, whose body was deformed and demonic. His severed head flew into the sky and his torso fell to the ground.

Then hundreds of crores of chief demons advanced roaring and vying the gods for battle with great strength and prowess. The giant Rahu embraced Chandra and ran after Indra. He was devouring all the gods. Although Rahu was one, he was present everywhere. Seeing this, the gods ran away in fear and left the earth with the moon in front of them and went to heaven. As soon as they reached heaven, Rahu also came and stood in front of them with great speed. He wanted to swallow the moon. Seeing this, Chandra became restless with fear and took shelter of Lord Shankar.

He remembered Lord Shiva in his heart and began to sing praises – ‘Devesh! Be our protector, Taurus! Release me from suffering. Shri Parvati, protector of the surrendered! Take refuge in you and protect me. Thus praising him, Lord Sadasiva, the benefactor of all, appeared there and said to Chandra – ‘Do not be afraid.’ Saying this he placed the moon on his mat. Since then the moon has been adorning her forehead like a white lotus flower.

After Chandra was secured, Rahu also reached there and started praising Lord Shiva – ‘Salute to the peaceful form of Lord Shiva. You are Brahma and God. Congratulations to you. Mahadev in male form! In the world! I salute you. You are the abode of all demons, the form of divine light and the protector of all demons. Congratulations to you. Mahadev! You are the reason of happiness of the whole world. I bow before you. My dear Moon is close to you at this time. You give him to me.

Lord Somnath was very pleased with this prayer of Rahu and he said to Rahu thus – ‘I am the shelter of all ghosts, I am beloved of all gods and demons.’ When Lord Shiva said this, Rahu also bowed to him and sat on his head. Then the moon released nectar in fear. Because of contact with that nectar, Rahu gains many heads, so Rahu always takes on the moon god to take revenge.

According to Sanatan texts and scientists, do not take food or drink during lunar eclipse. Aryabhata in his book lunar eclipse Discussed in detail. Surya Siddhant (According to Chhadyachadakyorni 9):-

Atropapatti: Chandro Darante Suryaadho Bhavatiti Chandra: Suryasya Acchadaka: Buddha Sukrayostu Mandalpattva na Acchadakatvam. Chandrasya adho grahabhavat shabadbhantare bhumya kamitha: suryakirana: chandragole na patanti. Ato Nisparbhasya Chandrasya Bhubhayan Prabhaya Iti Chandrasya Bhuvacchadika ॥ 9

Meaning: The moon below the sun covers the sun like a cloud. Traveling eastward, the Moon enters the shadow. Due to which lunar eclipse occurs. Then the next verse says- verse 23 of Chandrasya Varnajnanam on eclipses says that if the Chandramurti is less than half eclipsed in a lunar eclipse, the affected part will be smoke colored, if it is more than half affected, the affected part will be black in color, Mokshavimukha i.e. if Padana image. More eclipses are black-tan and when total eclipses are kapilvarna (light yellow). The sun’s rays are always black during a solar eclipse. You all need not fear as most Indians will be asleep during the eclipse.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and facts only. It is important to mention here Does not constitute any endorsement or verification of information. Before acting on any information or belief, seek relevant expert advice.

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