Know the real reason behind why Kapil Sharma once revealed why he was addicted to alcohol

Kapil Sharma News: Comedian Kapil Sharma, who has made himself known in every household with his brilliant comedy, has crores of fans. Everyone from young to old loves Kapil Sharma. Kapil’s early days of tickling everyone with comedy were full of struggles, he has always worked hard for his work.

When Kapil Sharma continued to drink alcohol day and night

There was a time when Kapil Sharma developed the habit of drinking alcohol day and night. Due to which Kapil was drunk most of the time. However, he got rid of this addiction due to his mother’s insistence. Kapil Sharma revealed in an interview that at one time, he was so addicted to alcohol that he used to go on the sets drinking, but he realized it after several days.

In the interview, the comedian revealed the real reason behind his addiction

Also, Kapil Sharma revealed about depression that he was in severe depression for 2 years, due to which he canceled his shows many times, due to which he suffered loss of millions.

In 2017, Kapil Sharma’s film ‘Firangi’ released, for which he was going to dub for Amitabh Bachchan. Kapil said, ‘Bachchan sahib said he was coming in the morning, as he had to do voice hours for my film. It was my duty to welcome them, but I could not leave the house.

During an event, Kapil became emotional while sharing his story. Kapil told how he got drunk from the bottle. He remembered seeing his mother crying. That’s when he decided to give up this habit.

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