Know what UPI Reversing is, it can help you get back money sent by mistake.

In the last few years, the trend of UPI payments has grown rapidly. The biggest reason for this is that through it you can transfer money from anywhere to anyone. Money can be sent very easily through this. Other than this With UPI applications like Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pe and BHIM UPI, you can easily complete tasks like shopping, ticket booking and bill payment. Although these applications have made our daily life a lot easier, sometimes they lead us into trouble. For example, sometimes it happens that we transfer money to someone else by mistake. In this situation we are very worried that how we will get our money back?

This is how you can get your money back

You can get your money back through UPI reversing. However, it is a difficult process. Also, bank and UPI platform policies are also important in this process. Also, you should take immediate action on this matter and it is also important that you have complete details of transaction ID, transaction date and amount. Also, you can also check all terms and conditions of your bank and UPI service provider for exact information regarding this.

Can UPI be reversed?

Anup Nair, CEO, In-Solutions Global, in his statement to News18 said that UPI transactions are generally considered final., but there are situations where you can request a transaction to be reversed or dispute it You can apply for reversal of transactions made through wrong or unauthorized transactions.

In this case you can appeal for UPI reversal

You can apply for UPI reversal in situations like wrong remittance, unauthorized payment, fraudulent transaction, unacceptable payment and technical error. Nair said that in case of fraudulent transactions, it is important to report the fraud to BHIM or NPCI customer care. However, there is no guarantee of a successful reversal. To avoid such situations, verify the details of the person to whom the money is to be sent, enter the correct amount and beware of unknown merchants.

UPI reversing cannot happen in this situation

It is also important to note that UPI payments cannot be reversed. Once your payment is approved, it cannot be reversed. But then you should talk to your UPI provider immediately if you want to do this. If your bank or service provider does not listen to your complaint, you can also complain to NPCI.


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