Krishna Bhakta Meerabai Life Story Quotes On Meera Bai Jayanti 2023 Date

Mira Bai Jayanti 2023: Meerabai is considered to be the most special devotee of Lord Krishna. He was one of the most popular saints of the Vaishnava Bhakti movement. There is no historical evidence of Mirabai’s birth but according to belief, Mirabai’s birth anniversary is celebrated on Sharad Purnima day.

Meerabai spent her entire life in devotion to Krishna. Many things related to Mirabai’s life are still considered a mystery. Let’s find out about Mirabai’s birth anniversary this year, her biography, history and some interesting facts related to her.

Mirabai Jayanti 2023 Date

Mirabai Jayanti will be celebrated on 28 October 2023. On this day people of the Vaishnava community remember Meera by reciting poems and verses written by her. Meera Bai belongs to the category of best saints of Vaishnava Bhakti movement.

Who was Mirabai? (Meera Bai Biography)

Meerabai was a Rajput princess born around 1498 in the village of Kudki near Mehta in Rajasthan. His father’s name was Ratan Singh, who was the king of a small Rajput kingdom. When Meera Ji was very young, her mother died, after which Meera was brought up by her grandfather Rao Duda Ji.

How Meera Became Crazy for Sri Krishna (The Story of Meera Bai and Krishna)

Meerabai was engrossed in devotion to Krishna from childhood. It is said that after an incident she started considering Sri Krishna as her husband. One day in his childhood, a wedding procession came to the house of a rich man in his neighborhood, all the women were watching the wedding procession from the roof of the house. Meerabai also came to the balcony to watch the wedding procession. Seeing the wedding procession, Meera asked her mother who her groom was, to which Meerabai’s mother jokingly pointed to the idol of Lord Sri Krishna and said, “This is your groom.” This stuck in Meerabai’s mind and she started considering Krishna as her husband.

After the death of the husband Krishna is provided (Mira by marriage).

From childhood till death, Meera considered Krishna as her everything. That’s why she didn’t want to get married but against his will she married Prince Bhojraj. After a few years of marriage, Mirabai’s husband Bhojraj died during the war. After the death of her husband, she became the gift of Lord Krishna. It is said that Meera was so engrossed in her devotion to Krishna that she used to dance for hours in front of the Kanha idol in the temple.

The plot to kill Meera fails

Meera considered Krishna to be her guru, so it is said that she did not remove her makeup even after her husband’s death, but Meera’s growing devotion to Kanha began to annoy her in-laws. Because of this many attempts were made to kill Meera but she was saved each time by the grace of Krishna. After some time Meerabai started worshiping Krishna as a saint. Besides being a famous saint, he was also a Hindu spiritual poet.

Mirabai’s Fate Mysterious (Meera Bai Death)

It is said that he died while worshiping Lord Krishna because of his lifelong devotion to Mirabai. According to belief, he got absorbed in the idol of Sri Krishna while worshiping Krishna in Dwarka in 1547.

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