Krishna ends 7-year fight with Abhishek Govinda The actor shared a video of him dancing with his mother

Krishna Abhishek Video: Comedian-actor Krishna Abhishek is once again in the news for his cold war with his uncle Govinda. He is again in the news on this issue. Everyone knows about uncle-nephew conflict. Now the relationship between the two seems to be improving. Krishna Abhishek himself hinted about this on social media.

Krishna Abhishek shared the video with his uncle
In fact, Krishna shared a video on her Instagram account, which has now become the talk of the town. It’s a throwback video, where uncle and nephew are seen doing a spectacular dance to Govinda’s hit song ‘Chhote Mian-Bade Mian’. Comments are flooding in on this video.

He told Govinda his inspiration
While sharing this video, Krishna captioned it as ‘Can’t get a better video than this, Fire Maa has always been an inspiration on stage. Original Big Mia Little Mia…’

This fight is 7 years old
We tell you that this uncle-nephew fight is 7 years old. However, Krishna tried many times to settle the differences and apologized. Krishna says that his speech is often garbled. But perhaps Govinda thought it best to distance himself from them. He is in no mood to forgive his nephew under any circumstances. We tell you that when Govind and his wife came as guests on Kapil Sharma’s show, Krishna Abhishek was absent from the episode.

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