Lentils, chickpeas and moong seeds will be given to farmers at 80 percent subsidy.

Subsidy on lentil, gram and gram seeds

To increase the production and productivity of various crops in the country, the government subsidizes the seeds of improved varieties of various crops. In this context, the Bihar government is going to provide subsidy on seeds to increase production of pulse crops in the state. Bihar Agriculture Department will encourage farmers under Dal Mission program from rabi season onwards. Government for this 108 A road map has been prepared for pulse cultivation at a cost of crores of rupees.

In fact, production of pulses has stagnated compared to staple food grains and cash crops. In view of this, the agriculture department has plans to encourage farmers to intercrop nutrient-rich pulse crops. Under this, besides increasing the area of ​​pulses, emphasis will be given on seed production and pest management. Farmers will be encouraged to grow pulses, lentils and chickpeas in new areas as well as traditional areas.

Pulse crop will be subsidized

Department of Agriculture with seeds under pulse propagation scheme 80 A provision of grant up to 100 per cent has been made. The grant will be given to farmers for seeds less than ten years old. For this, the agriculture department will distribute these seeds among the farmers. Under the scheme Central Govt 60’s and State Govt 40 There will be a percentage share. Under this scheme, the government will provide subsidy on rabi and kharif crops in the state. Among these the main pulse crop is lentil, chickpeas, Farmers will be given subsidy on mung and pigeonpea seeds.

We tell you that the Bihar government is still selling pulses., Subsidy is being given on wheat and maize seeds along with oilseeds. The government has also arranged for home delivery so that the farmers can get the seeds easily. Farmers can now apply online for certified wheat and maize seeds. https://brbn.bihar.gov.in/Home/Demand can

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