Loofer varieties prepared at low cost and in short time

Today in this article we will give you information about some advanced varieties of gourd. Gourd, Ghia gourd, Pusa nasdar, Sarputia, Ko.-1, PKM1 etc. are major crops among the improved varieties. Farmers get very good yield by cultivating them.

As we all know, any Crop production To get good yield from it one must have knowledge about its good varieties. In order to achieve more profit along with production. In continuation of this, today we are going to give you information about some advanced varieties of gourd. Among the improved varieties, Gourd, Ghia Gourd, Pusa Nasdar, Sarputia, Ko.-1, PKM1 etc. are notable. Farmers get very good yield by sowing them. Along with this, there is a lot of profit. Farmers can earn good profit from these varieties of gourd. This is because their production cost is low compared to other seeds. Also it is made in less time.

Loofer varieties that can be prepared at low cost and time


We tell you that this variety is prepared by agricultural scientists of Tamil Nadu. The fruit size of this variety is 60-75 cm. long. Also it is long, thick, light and green in color. The yield potential of this variety is 140-150 quintals per hectare. The first crop can be harvested 55 days after sowing.

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For your information, the fruit of this variety is dark green. In addition, the fruit is narrow, long, striped and slightly curved in appearance. It can produce 280-300 quintals per hectare.

Ghia loofah

The color of the fruit of this type of gourd is green. This species is commonly cultivated in India. If we talk about the fruit of this variety, its skin is very thin. This variety of bitter gourd is rich in vitamins.

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pusa nasdar

The fruits of the gourd of the Pusa Nasdar variety are light green. It has the shape of raised veins on its upper surface. The pulp of this variety is white and green. Also, the length of the fruit is 12-20 cm. Until then. The specialty of this variety is its production capacity of up to 150-160 quintals per hectare.


Sarputia gourd fruits are borne in bunches on the tree. If we talk about their size, they look small. In addition, the fruit of this species has striped spots. The outer skin of the fruit is thick and hard. This variety of gourd grows mostly in the plains.

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