Lunar Eclipse 2023 Do these things after the lunar eclipse is over to make the eclipse worse

Lunar Eclipse 2023: The lunar eclipse will last from 01.05 am to 02.22 am on October 29. It will also be visible in India. A lunar eclipse is considered an inauspicious time according to Hinduism. It is believed that the house, food and body become impure, so after the eclipse ends some special work has to be done for purification. With this, Moon defects are removed and eclipses do not have any malefic effects. lunar eclipse

Do this after the eclipse is over

Sprinkle Ganga water in the house- To remove the evil effects of lunar eclipse, immediately after the lunar eclipse wipe the whole house with salt and sprinkle Ganges water all over the house. Purify your entire house with Ganges water from Tulsi tree to temple.

Bathe like this: During the eclipse the body is also impure, so the scriptures say to take a bath after the eclipse. Take a bath in a clean river or take a bath at home by adding Ganga water to the bath water. Wash the clothes worn during the eclipse.

These items must be donated- Now sprinkle Ganges water in the temple and also at the place of worship at home. Bathe the idols of God with pure water. Give alms to the Brahmin after worshiping the Lord. After lunar eclipse donate lunar related things like chavas, ghee, flour, white cloth.

shade donation – When the eclipse is over, fill a copper vessel with ghee, put a copper coin in it and offer it facing the face. It is believed that it removes the negative effects of intake.

bread to the cow – lunar eclipse After finishing make fresh bread and feed the cow. Feeding cows with bread gives good results. According to belief, feeding cows removes all kinds of defects.

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