Lunar Eclipse 2023: | Lunar Eclipse 2023: India too will see lunar eclipse on October 28, pregnant women should avoid it

Lunar Eclipse 2023: Eclipses are considered very inauspicious in Hinduism. There will be another lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023 during the Sharad Purnima. This will be the last lunar eclipse of the year which will also be partially visible in India. According to the scriptures, Sutak time is also valid where a lunar eclipse is observed.

All religious and social activities are prohibited from Sutak period till the end of solar eclipse. Especially pregnant women should follow the rules during lunar eclipse, as it can affect the health of the baby. Find out when the last lunar eclipse of the year starts and ends, the timing of Sutak and the dos and don’ts of pregnant women.

Why are lunar eclipses? (lunar eclipse)

According to science, a lunar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon come into a straight line and the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon. Lunar eclipses usually occur on full moon days. According to religious belief, an eclipse occurs when Rahu afflicts the Moon.

What is a partial lunar eclipse? (What is a partial lunar eclipse)

There are three types of lunar eclipses: total, partial and penumbra. A partial lunar eclipse is also called a partial lunar eclipse. When the Earth’s shadow falls on a part of the Moon, it is called a partial lunar eclipse. This eclipse has religious significance, so its sign is valid.

During lunar eclipse 2023

Lunar eclipse in India will begin on 29 October 2023 at 01.06 am and end at 02.22 am. Sutak time starts 9 hours before lunar eclipse. In this case, Sutak will start from 2.52 pm on Sharad Purnima day i.e. 28 October 2023, which will end after the end of solar eclipse.

Pregnant women should not do these things during lunar eclipse (Rules for Lunar Eclipse Pregnant Women)

  • During a lunar eclipse, the moon’s rays are polluted, so pregnant women should not step out of the house even by mistake on this day. It may harm the baby.
  • Pregnant women should not look at the moon during a lunar eclipse, it affects the mother as well as the child.
  • pregnant woman lunar eclipse Avoid sharp objects like needles, knives, scissors during this period.
  • According to belief, negative energy starts to dominate during eclipse. In such situations, pregnant women should chant Hanuman Chalisa, Vishnu Sahastram, Aditya Hridiya Stotra, Vishnu Sangam Mantra and Panchakshari Mantra during the eclipse.

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