Lunar Eclipse 2023: The last lunar eclipse of the year is about to happen, find out how it will affect everyone.

The last lunar eclipse of 2023 is scheduled to occur on Sunday, October 29. It will start at 01:06 AM and end at 02:22 AM on Sunday. The total duration of solar eclipse in India is 1 hour 16 minutes. It will be a partial lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse will occur in Ashwini Nakshatra and Aries. This is the only lunar eclipse of 2023, which will be visible in India, so its Sutak period will be valid. Its thread will start on October 28 at 2:52 PM. This lunar eclipse will affect all the zodiac signs, but the 6 signs lunar eclipse will be negatively affected. This will have the worst effect on Aries natives.

Lunar eclipse will be seen at these places

The lunar eclipse that will occur on October 28 will be a partial lunar eclipse. It will also be visible in India, so its Sutak period will also be considered. This lunar eclipse will be visible in most parts of Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America including India and also in the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic and Antarctica. This solar eclipse will be visible in India. Therefore, special care will be required during this period.

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People born under this sign will benefit

According to astrology, eclipses have auspicious and inauspicious effects on people of all zodiac signs. In such a scenario, the year-end lunar eclipse on 28 October 2023 is going to be very auspicious for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Capricorn natives. This eclipse is going to be very beneficial for the natives of this zodiac sign. All the pending work of the natives of this zodiac sign will be completed soon. Apart from this, the honor and respect of the natives of this zodiac sign will also increase. There may be sudden financial gains. A lot of success will be achieved at work. There will be a possibility of promotion and increase in salary.

These zodiac signs will be adversely affected!

This lunar eclipse, which will occur on October 28, will occur in the sign of Aries. Moon will be in Aries during the eclipse. As Moon is in Aries, Jupiter and Rahu will already be present in this sign. In such circumstances, this eclipse is considered inauspicious for the natives of this sign.

Aries natives should not do this

The year-end lunar eclipse may prove inauspicious for Aries natives. Your personal or professional life may be affected. Stress can cause your behavior to deteriorate, which will affect your relationship. On the day of lunar eclipse, you should not start any investment or any new business, project or any work. It can be harmful for you. Your health will also be bad on that day.

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