Mahesh Bhatt’s nephew Dharmesh Darshan has denied the claim that he is an illegitimate child

Dharmesh Darshan On Mahesh Bhatt: Famous Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt has achieved a lot of fame in his professional life. But his personal life is full of controversies. Mahesh Bhatt often talks about his childhood and life struggles. Also, he is often heard calling him the illegitimate child of his married mother. On which now filmmaker’s nephew Dharmesh Darshan has made a big revelation and said that his maternal grandfather i.e. Mahesh Bhatt’s father Nanabhai Bhatt lived with his wife.

My grandparents were married – Dharmesh Darshan

This is what Dharmesh Darshan said while talking to Lehren recently. Mahesh Bhatt’s words are complete nonsense. Every truth is distorted. Mahesh Bhatt is my uncle and my mother is 10 years older than him. who loves him very much. My grandparents were married in 1939. My grandmother Shireen lived according to the Gujarati Hindu tradition.

Mahesh Bhatt pretending to be funny – Dharmesh

Dharmesh added, “I still remember that I used to call her Ma, not Amma.” Meanwhile Dharmesh described his maternal grandfather as a great person and said that Mahesh Bhatt was raising his name in public for no reason. They also said that they are making fun of the real illegitimate children of the world by creating such a farce.

This is what Mahesh Bhatt said

Let us tell you that Mahesh Bhatt said in an interview to Hindustan Times that he doesn’t know what role a father plays in a child’s life and what a father is like. Because his father never lived with him. Mahesh also said that he is the illegitimate child of a Muslim singer mother Shireen. Also in 2007, Mahesh Bhatt also gave reasons for severing ties with Darshan family. He said their relationship deteriorated due to their mother’s funeral. Since then our relationship with them ended.

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