Malaika Arora’s big scar spotted on right thigh fans trolled actress Arjun Kapoor

Malaika Arora Spotted With Scars: Malaika Arora recently celebrated her 48th birthday. Also, she is often in the news for her looks and figure. The actress is often seen in gym looks. Recently the actress was spotted outside a salon and everyone was surprised to see her.

In fact, Malaika was spotted outside the salon wearing a black T-shirt with gray printed shorts. This time, she wore light pink slippers and black goggles. But everyone’s attention went to Malaika’s feet. A large scar was seen on the top of the actress’ right leg, which looked like a burn.

Users did not troll by seeing the sign
When some fans started worrying about Malaika Arora seeing such a big mark on her leg, some people started trolling her. ‘Looks like she’s sitting on a hot pan,’ one user commented on the video posted on social media. Another wrote: ‘Maybe we don’t know how to hide it, we don’t even know how to say it.’ Apart from this, a user wrote – ‘If he wanted to, he would have covered himself without wearing shorts.’

Fans worried about Malaika!
Some of the fans were concerned after seeing this mark on Malaika’s leg. One wrote – ‘Feels like slipping on the side of a pool.’ Another person wrote – ‘Look at that pata of him. Something happened, health problem.

One user claimed, ‘Excessive exercise caused blood clots.’ One user asked, ‘Is that a big birthmark?’

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