Meenakshi became Bihar’s first drone pilot, inspired by her father’s courage to help her

Emphasis is being placed on the use of drones for the expansion of modern agriculture in the country. Farmers are being made aware of the use of drones. Besides, they are also being trained to fly drones. Now women farmers are also coming forward in this field. Women farmers are also being trained to fly drones. Meenakshi, a resident of Madanpur in Samastipur, has become the first woman drone pilot in the state. Meenakshi got this inspiration from watching her farmer father working in the fields. He was then inspired to learn how to fly a drone.

Meenakshi has trained in drone flying and repair from Dr. Rajendra Prasad Central Agricultural University, Pusa. Meenakshi has passed the 12th examination this year. His father Anjani Kumar is a farmer. But mother’s name is Chandni who is a housewife. Meenakshi’s father Anjani Kumar owns 40 bighas of land which he cultivates. But many times we have to face problems due to not getting workers at the right time. In addition, many times one has to pay more wages to finish the work quickly, due to which one has to face problems.

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Trained to help his father

Because of this, many times Anjani Kumar works in the field all day. Seeing her father working in the field all day, Meenakshi felt that she was helping her father. After this, to facilitate her father’s work, Meenakshi trained in flying and repairing drones. So that it makes it easier to spray fertilizers and pesticides and can help the father. By using this we can save father’s time and also reduce his cost in farming.

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This is how Meenakshi became a role model

Meenakshi says that being a girl, she said that her aim was to help her father and solve his problems. As part of this effort, he became a drone pilot. Meenakshi says she wants to study and become a farmer. Regarding the drone training, he said, when he came to know that the drone training was going to be conducted, he insisted on registering his name for the drone training. After that, he underwent five days of training and is now a drone pilot. He will spray fertilizers and pesticides in his village with drones. This will make farming easier for his father and other people in the village. Both time and money will be saved. This is how Meenakshi has now become a role model for many girls in the village.

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