MP Election 2023: Govt and society together collect civic benefits in this village

5 criteria must be fulfilled at the rural level for all demands of country’s development. Village is the primary unit of national development. Therefore, provision of electricity, water, roads, education and health facilities for village people have been identified as 5 criteria of development. Generally, governments are blamed for not restoring these 5 basic amenities to villages or towns. Especially in remote villages, people do not have 5 basic amenities. But, there are villages in the country that prove this idea wrong. This includes Maithana village in MP’s most backward Chambal division. In this village of Gwalior district, an excellent example of restoration of basic civic amenities is presented in cooperation between the government and the society.

Social organizations have taken responsibility

Maithana village, just 15 km from Gwalior, still maintains the good tradition of social work. Village social worker Ramsingh Kirar said that some active youth of the village took responsibility for cleanliness. Influenced by this, the social organization Bharat Bikash Parishad took responsibility for restoring health services in the village.

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Similarly, the government school of the village had to be closed due to enrollment of less than the prescribed number of children. But it could not be done due to the activities of the villagers. At the same time, the school is running regularly without being closed as the teachers of the school are ready to teach the children of the three classes. Kirar said, if the people of the village do not curse the government for any problem and cooperate socially, then they themselves can bring back basic facilities in the village.

This village has become an example of energy conservation

Kirar said that a total of 52 families live in Maithana village. Out of these 34 families use dung gas. He said that all the families of Maithana village could not get gas cylinders under Ujjwala project to give gas cylinders to poor families. Instead of blaming the government for this, the villagers have adopted cow dung gas as an alternative. This work was inspired by the 5 families of the village who have been using it for the past 25 years.

Rambabu, who first started using cowdung gas, said he had around a dozen cows and buffaloes in his house. He gets cooking gas from their dung and uses the remaining mud as fertilizer on the land. In this they are getting double benefits. Firstly, gas cylinder costs are saved, also the use of clean fuel improves household health and farm health due to fertilizers. Now 34 families in the village have adopted his formula. Because of this, his village has emerged as an example of energy conservation.

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Regular cleaning work is done in the village

Kirar said that the elders of the village keep a close eye on cleanliness. After the end of the panchayat system in villages, when municipal corporation wards were formed, councilors had to send sanitation workers regularly. Full monitoring is being done in this regard. As a result sweepers come to the village regularly and cleaning the roads and drains does not litter the village roads.

He said that two types of dustbins have been installed in different parts of the village to make the villagers aware about the separation of dry and wet waste. They collect dry and wet waste. Complaint system is also used in case of negligence in this work. Due to which basic amenities including regular cleanliness are being ensured.

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