MP Election 2023: Kamal Nath accuses Shivraj of torturing farmers

The voting for MP assembly elections will be held on November 17. In this situation, the leaders of both the electoral rivals BJP and Congress are not missing any opportunity to prove themselves good in the eyes of the people and to label the opposition as anti-people. Farmers’ issues top the priority list of both parties in MP, which has a majority rural population. In view of this, former Chief Minister Kamal Nath and CM Shivraj are describing their respective tenures as better when it comes to interests related to villages, farms and farmers. Besides citing their own achievements, both the leaders have now stepped up their attacks on each other on the issue of farmers. The last attack was done by Kamal Nath. He has complained of mistreatment of farmers many times during Shivraj government. Not only this, he also accused Shivraj of setting a world record of torture of farmers.

Kamalnath’s attack against Shivraj

Kamal Nath accused CM Shivraj of firing on farmers and said BJP is completely anti-farmer. He said the Congress government had started the loan waiver for farmers, but the Shivraj government had stopped it. Through social media, Kamal Nath cornered Shivraj sharply on the issue of farmers.

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Not only this, Kamal Nath also assured that the era of oppression of farmers will end after the assembly elections and said that some revolutionary decisions will be implemented in the interests of farmers if the Congress government is formed. “It’s time to stop Shivraj ji’s tyranny on farmers,” he said. With the formation of the Congress government in the state, farmers will be given a support price of Rs 2600 per quintal for wheat and Rs 2500 per quintal for paddy. Then it will be increased to Rs 3000 per quintal.

This work will be done for farmers

Kamal Nath also referred to the Congress’s promise to farmers in its election manifesto and said that some important decisions would be taken in the interests of farmers if his government is formed. He said that if the Congress government is formed after the elections, the loans of the farmers will be waived off. Farmers will be provided with free electricity on 5 horse power connections. Not only that, 50 percent discount will be given on electricity bill up to 10 horse power.

Kamal Nath said that 12 hours uninterrupted power supply will be ensured for irrigation of farmers. Besides, the farmers will be supplied with suitable fertilizers and seeds at the right time. False cases filed against farmers will be withdrawn. He said that Congress will come and bring prosperity.

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Shivraj declared loan waiver as shigufa

Even before the assembly elections held in 2018, Kamal Nath had promised to waive farmers’ loans if the Congress forms the government. This decision was immediately implemented after the Kamal Nath government was formed after the election. But after 18 months, the Kamal Nath government collapsed due to a split among Congress MLAs.

The BJP government formed after that termed the farmers’ loan waiver scheme implemented by Chief Minister Shivraj Kamal Nath as a failure and said the Congress government had waived only small loans. He said that the Kamal Nath government did not waive off the loans of 27 lakh farmers.

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