Netflix users received a 440 volt shock! The company has announced a plan rate hike

Netflix Price Increase: Netflix is ​​once again raising the price of its plans. While sharing its third quarter earnings report, the streaming giant made a big announcement. The company has now raised the price of its Basic plan from $9.99 to $11.99 per month and its Premium plan from $19.99 to $22.99 per month. However, this increase will not affect Indian users for now. The company also did not change the price of Netflix’s ($6.99) ad-supported plan and ($15.49) standard tier plan.

Plans in these countries have become expensive

We tell you that Netflix has increased the price of its plans in America, Britain and France. The company has also hiked the prices of Basic and Premium plans in the UK and France, though there are no changes to ad-supported plans and regular plans. In the UK, the basic and premium plans will cost £7.99 and £17.99 respectively, while in France customers will pay £10.99  for the basic plan and £19.99  for the premium plan.

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Prices were last raised in 2022

Netflix says the price hike will help it expand its content library. Also, partnering with creators and investing more in TV shows, movies and games will help a lot. Notably, Netflix last raised its prices in January 2022.

Will the plan be expensive in India?

However, Netflix is ​​trying its best to keep its plans cheap in India as the company is still working on increasing its users in India. At the same time, if the company expands its plans at such times, the risk of users dropping out will increase significantly. For this reason, the company has kept such a large market out of the strategy of increasing the price.

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