No need to enter password repeatedly to log in to Amazon account.

Amazon Web adds Passkey support to iPhone: If you use e-commerce platform Amazon, this news may be useful for you. Amazon keeps rolling out updates from time to time to strengthen security. The platform has once again announced special features making the benefits easier for users. Users can now log into their Amazon accounts without entering a password. This means that you won’t need to enter a password the next time you shop through Amazon.

In fact, the e-commerce giant is offering the facility of “Passkey”, which allows you to log in to your Amazon account on a mobile phone through your choice of fingerprint, face or PIN. PassKey support is rolling out worldwide on the web and iOS, and will also be available for Android devices in the coming days.

Purpose of passkey

Developed by FIDO and the World Wide Web Consortium, Passkey aims to allow single, secure and unified login to applications and websites across multiple devices and platforms such as Windows, Mac OS and Chrome OS. Additionally, Passkey helps protect against security breaches, including password phishing and data leaks.

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Characteristics of Passkey

Repeatedly entering passwords on any device increases the chances of it being hacked. Now, keeping this in mind, Passkey has been developed, which makes your security even stronger. Best of all, you can set a different passkey for multiple devices or use it across all Apple devices if iCloud backup is enabled, for example. You can use an existing passkey from another device to temporarily sign in to a new device.

“Pasky brings ease of use and security for customers to their Amazon experience,” said Dave Treadwell, Amazon’s senior vice president.

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How to Add Passkey to Amazon

Adding a passkey to Amazon is a fairly simple process. For this, go to your Amazon account and select Login, Security option and add your password. Other tech giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft are supporting universal passwords.

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