Now Google Pixel smartphone will be made in India

Google for India Event 2023: Google’s annual event i.e. Google for India 2023 has been organized in the national capital Delhi today. The company made many big announcements at this event. The company says it will now manufacture Pixel phones in India. That will start with the Pixel 8 which will hit the market in 2024. During the event, device head Rick Osterloh said the company will also partner with global manufacturers in India.

Google Pixel smartphone made in India

Osterloh also said that this is a move towards expanding our production here to meet the demand for Pixel devices and more importantly, it is a big step in Google’s commitment to Made in India. Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav was present.

Apple already manufactures iPhones in India

In addition to Google, Apple Inc. And other phone makers including Foxconn have also started manufacturing mobile phones in India. In September, Apple announced that it plans to make the Indian-made iPhone 15 available in the South Asian country. Sales of iPhones made in India reflect the country’s growing manufacturing capacity and Apple’s shift from its previous strategy of selling devices made in China to its customers around the world.

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Foxconn is expanding rapidly

On the other hand, Foxconn, the largest Taiwan-based contract manufacturer of electronics, has rapidly expanded its presence in India by investing in manufacturing facilities in the south of the country as the company looks to move away from China. Foxconn already has an iPhone factory in Tamil Nadu state, which employs 40,000 people.

The second largest mobile phone manufacturer in India!

Yang Liu, chairman and CEO of Hon Hai Technology Group (Foxconn), has already said that India will be an important country for manufacturing in the future. A media report earlier said that India’s self-reliance efforts have made it the world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer after China.

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