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Diesel price today, If you own a car then this news is very good for you and you will be very happy to hear this news. Y’all wait for the news that finally diesel prices will come down and we can get more diesel fill for less money. Diesel prices in India often fall and when diesel prices fall, anyone who owns one jumps for joy.

Sometimes it happens in India that the price of diesel goes down externally and sometimes it happens that the price of diesel goes down by a few rupees but sometimes the price of diesel goes up and sometimes it goes up, but so far there has been a huge hit in the price of diesel, it has not come, and Car owners are waiting for a huge fall in diesel.

So in today’s post we are going to tell you that all the people of India Diesel The company is its own Diesel price today how much If you want to know daily diesel price you can visit our website daily and read this post because here we provide daily Diesel price today going to talk about

Today’s Diesel Rates

Today 12 October Diesel Price in Delhi 89.63 per litre, and diesel price in Jaipur ₹93.72 per litre is Below we have mentioned the major states of the country How much is the price of diesel today? It is written about him.

condition Diesel Price Today (Per Litre)
Delhi ₹89.62
Maharashtra ₹93.03
Madhya Pradesh ₹94.89
Jharkhand ₹95.00
Uttar Pradesh ₹90.54
Rajasthan ₹93.44
Gujarat ₹92.17
Punjab ₹88.79
Tamil Nadu ₹95.08
Bihar ₹95.88
Himachal Pradesh ₹87.86
Haryana ₹90.29
Jammu and Kashmir ₹85.82
Andhra Pradesh ₹99.42
Assam ₹90.87
Chhattisgarh ₹96.55
Karnataka ₹88.46
Orissa ₹96.40
West Bengal ₹93.51
Uttarakhand ₹90.54
Telangana ₹99.84
Goa ₹90.10
Arunachal Pradesh ₹84.66

To know about diesel prices in the country, you can subscribe to our website because on this website we will give you all the updates of diesel daily and along with that you can read more important information related to money from our website. it is


Which are the oil companies of India?

In India, Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, Reliance Industries, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited etc. It is an oil company.

Does diesel price change daily in India?

It is quite true that diesel price varies daily in India.

When does the price of diesel increase in India?

When the price of crude oil increases drastically in the international market, the price of diesel in India increases.

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