Onion price: Onion price is Rs 100 per kg, why is the price increasing, when will the relief be available, know the whole story

Onion prices have increased across the country. Onion prices have increased by Rs 65-80 per kg in Delhi’s retail market. In view of the upcoming festival, the price of onion may exceed 100 rupees per kg. However, to control onion prices, the government is selling it from its buffer stock at Rs 25 per kg.

Onion price in open market, mother dairy and e-commerce platform

On Sunday, onion prices rose by Rs 65-80 per kg in the national capital’s retail market. Mother Dairy is selling loose onions at Rs 67 per kg through around 400 successful retail outlets in Delhi-NCR. Similarly, e-commerce portal BigBasket is selling onions at Rs 67 per kg, OTP at Rs 70 per kg, while local vendors are selling onions at Rs 80 per kg.

The government is selling onions at Tk 25 per kg

To give relief to consumers worried by the hike in the retail price of onion, central government cooperative societies NAFED and NCCF are selling onion at over 200 locations in Delhi at Rs 25 per kg. Vans have been made available for permanent onion sale at Scope Building, NCUI Building of NCCF and NAFED Delhi, Ministry of Agriculture and CGO Complex. Where onion is being sold at the outlet for 25 taka.

Onion is being sent to the market from the government store – Consumer Affairs Secretary Md

According to the Consumer Affairs Department, the average retail price of onion across India on Saturday was Rs 45 per kg. But the maximum price is 80 rupees per kg. The average price in Delhi is Rs 75 per kg. Consumer affairs secretary Rohit Kumar Singh told PTI that we are releasing buffer onions in the market from mid-August so we are also increasing retail volume to contain the price hike. Over 1.7 lakh tonnes of buffer onions have been delivered to markets in 22 states so far in August.

The reason for the increase in onion prices

A senior ministry official said weather-related delay in sowing of kharif onion resulted in low coverage and late harvest. The arrival of fresh kharif onions should have started by now but has not, which has affected prices. At the same time, supply situation is poor due to depletion of rabi onion stocks and late arrival of kharif onions, resulting in higher prices in the wholesale and retail markets.

When will we get rid of expensive onions?

He also said that the government has doubled the buffer stock of onion for the current year and this will improve domestic availability and reduce prices in the coming days. At the same time, the government imposed restrictions on onion exports to maintain domestic supply. The Export Price (MEP) has been increased by USD 800 per metric ton. In such a scenario, it is expected that after Diwali when the new crop starts arriving, onion prices may come down.

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