Onion Price: Wholesale onion price in Maharashtra is Rs 4500 per quintal, know the state market price

Farmers in Maharashtra got a big relief as onion prices started rising despite the government ban. The highest wholesale price reached Rs 4500 per quintal in the mandis of the state. At Manchar in Ambegaon taluk of Pune district, the lowest price of onion has also reached Rs 2500 per quintal. According to the Maharashtra Agriculture Marketing Board, 11,250 quintals of onions arrived here on October 22, despite a good increase in prices. The highest price reached Rs 4250 and the average price reached Rs 3375 per quintal. Farmers are extracting the onions held back from rabi season.

The government has imposed 40 percent duty on onion exports. NAFED and NCCF are selling onions cheaply, yet the prices are increasing rapidly. Farmers are happy with it. Because they have to sell at an average rate of Tk 1 to Tk 9 per kg for more than two years. At Rahata Mandi in Ahmednagar district, the lowest onion price was Rs 1300 per quintal and the highest price was Rs 4500 per quintal. Onion prices are increasing in most markets of the country. Farmers are happy with it.

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Reasons for price increase

Those who monitor onion cultivation say that cultivation has decreased this time. Not only this, there is a risk of a month’s delay in the arrival of red onion from the kharif crop. Due to this, the price is increasing. Another reason is that during monsoons, onions are supplied from previous season’s rabi crops which farmers store after harvesting during March-April. This year the quality of stored onions was not good. Due to these two reasons, prices are increasing in the country’s largest onion producing state, Maharashtra.

Farmers say that the prices are increasing despite the ban of the government. Prices would have risen further had the government not imposed a 40 percent export duty in August. Farmers are facing loss due to government action. But now there is peace that prices are rising. But there are fears that the government may again take a decision that may reduce prices.

What is the market price?

  • On October 22, 289 quintals of onions arrived at Satra Mandi. After this, the minimum price of onion was Rs 2000, the highest price was Rs 3800 and the average price was Rs 2900 per quintal.
  • Arrival of 8637 quintals of onion was recorded at Junnar in Pune. The lowest price in this market was Rs.1100, the highest was Rs.4250 and the average price was Rs.2800 per quintal.
  • 1160 quintals of onions arrived in Kopargaon, Ahmednagar. Here the lowest price was Rs.750, the highest was Rs.4001 and the average was Rs.3580 per quintal.
  • 550 quintals of onions have arrived at Vaijapur Mandi in Aurangabad district. Here the lowest price was Rs.1000, the highest was Rs.4100 and the average price was Rs.3000 per quintal.

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