Punjab News: Farmers and traders face off at Abhar Kinnu Mandi, farmers refuse to sell their produce.

Farmers and traders clashed again at Abhar Kinnu Mandi in Punjab on Friday. Where the farmers protested in the market and did not allow the Kinnur auction. Meanwhile, traders and brokers protested outside the market committee and demanded to keep the market running. Meanwhile, on Friday evening, the officials tried to convince both the parties, but the talks were not resolved. Due to this, there is chaos in Abhar Mandi regarding the buying and selling of kinnu.

Farmer leaders Sukhmandar Singh Sukh, Ajay Wadhwa, Sukhjinder Singh Rajan, Subhash Godara, Sukhmandar Singh Bhoma said that only green kinnui is being sold in the market, which is not getting fair price. At the same time, the traders are buying the produce of the farmers at 7 to 8 rupees per kg. Farmers alleged that this incident is happening with the connivance of traders and commission agents. He said, once a farmer or a gardener brings the kinnu to the market, he has to sell the kinnu and leave it. Traders and commission agents take advantage of this.

Farmers demand that Kinnu should be given MSP

Farmers said, due to this, farmers’ organizations have decided that they will not bring kinnu to the market until kinnu is fully ready by December. At the same time he urged all gardeners not to harvest kinnu until kinnu is fully ready. If this is done the plantation owners will get the full price and their exploitation will stop. Farmers demand that MSP i.e. minimum support price of kinnu should be given and government agencies should also buy kinnu.

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Traders protested at Kinnu Mandi

On the other hand, brokers and traders in Kinnur market protested outside the market committee demanding Kinnur auction. A demand has been made to the administration to stop such coercion of the farmers. Apart from this, a fair solution should be found in this matter. On the other hand, some farmers from Matili and other towns also brought kinnu. He said, he knows his profit and loss. It is mandatory for them to sell green kinnu, but till date farmers are not getting MSP for other crops, how will they get it for kinnu? He said that if the government gives MSP on kinnu, it is a good thing, but farmers’ organizations should talk to the government for this, it is not right to close the market like this.

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