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Unknown Facts of Quader Khan: He was not only an excellent actor but also a brilliant writer. The situation is such that the dialogues written by him are still spoken by people. We are talking about Quader Khan, a famous artist of our time, a wonderful comedian and a great writer, who has made everyone his fan by working in more than 300 films. Born on October 22, 1937 in Kabul, Afghanistan, Quader Khan may have left this world, but his fan following has not diminished even today. In this special episode of the birth anniversary, we introduce you to a few pages from the life of Quader Khan.

This is why he came to India
Born in Afghanistan, Quader Khan’s father’s name was Abdul Rahman, his mother Iqbal Begum was from British India. Quader Khan also had three elder brothers, but all three left this world at the age of eight. In this situation, Quader Khan’s mother got very scared and settled in Mumbai with him.

Kader Khan spent his childhood in struggle
Quader Khan’s family made their home in a slum in Mumbai, where he constantly struggled with financial constraints. The situation was such that the whole family had enough food for only three days a week. In spite of all the odds, Kader Khan’s mother did not let any obstacle come in his studies. With the efforts of his mother, Quader Khan took up civil engineering and became its professor.

Become an actor sitting in a graveyard
While in college, Quader Khan also started writing plays and dialogues. He would often go to the graveyard at night and perform riyaz there, shouting loudly. Once the flashlight fell on his face. The person showing the torch asked Kader Khan, what are you doing here? In response, Quader Khan said, what I study during the day, I come here at night and do Riyaz. That person suggested acting to Quader Khan. That person is none other than Ashraf Khan of film world.

That’s what I felt after seeing Rs 1500 for the first time
After meeting Ashraf Khan, the way to the film industry opened for Quader Khan. He first worked in Narendra Bedi’s film Jawani Deewani. Quader Khan not only showed his acting magic in this film but also wrote the dialogues. In return, Quader Khan received 1500 rupees, which he was surprised to see. In fact, Kader Khan has never seen so much money before. Quader Khan died on 31 December 2018 in Canada.

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