Sandeep Sikand Slams Content Creators For Disrespecting Ankita Lokhande Bigg Boss 17 Taunts On Love For TV

Bigg Boss 17: Bigg Boss 17 is making a lot of headlines. Since the beginning of the show, there has been a fight between the housemates. This time, along with TV celebrities, content creators have also entered the show. In such a situation, when TV actress Ankita Lokhande and rapper Khanzadi had a fight at home, Ankita taunted her a lot and even said that she was seen on TV because of him.

Actor and producer Sandeep Sikand did not like Ankita’s comments about TV at all. He is seen getting angry with Ankita by expressing his anger through social media. In two posts on his Instagram story, Sandeep slammed Ankita Lokhande and took a dig at her love show for TV.

Sandeep is angry with Ankita Lokhand
In the first story, Sandeep shared a screenshot of Ankita from Bigg Boss 17. Along with this he wrote – My whole head hurts, please stop talking. In another story, he wrote – ‘All these “TV actors” who are suddenly talking about their love for TV and their profession … I wonder where love and professionalism go when they become one. They give 3 and 4 hours (of (in 12 hours) agreed to shoot, when they demanded changes in the script, when they demanded quirks in the dialogues.

Advised to remain silent
Sandeep also wrote – ‘At the end of the day, if they sign a film or even an ad, the TV commitment goes straight out the window. So my request is please be quiet! There are very few actors who truly respect and embrace TV and never feel the need to shout or make a fuss about it. Loudness is not always true.

Who is Sandeep Sikand?
We tell you that Sandeep Sikand has a very old relationship with Bigg Boss. He has entered the show as a panelist many times. Apart from this, she has been approached many times to participate in Bigg Boss. Many reports also say that the extra ‘G’ Sandeep is contributing to Bigg Boss.

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