Saurabh Joshi’s monthly income Girlfriend car collection

Saurabh Joshi Monthly Income: We will not only provide you India’s No. 1 YouTube Vlogger Saurabh Joshi Monthly Earnings, we will also provide you detailed information about his complete biography. Today, Saurabh Joshi is recognized only by his vlogging. Apart from being a YouTube vlogger, Saurabh Joshi is also an influencer. today we Saurabh Joshi Monthly Income How much is it? Sourav Joshi girlfriend And we will know about some other things related to his life.

Saurabh Joshi Monthly Income related to 1-2 crores is Saurabh doesn’t earn so much money from YouTube alone, he has various means of earning 2-3 rupees like:- Along with this he also earns from YouTube. Brand collaboration And music video It is an important source of their income. Saurabh Joshi Punjab Group of Colleges from the fine arts inside Bachelor’s degree happened

Saurabh Joshi on Youtube

Saurabh Joshi Owns 2 YouTube channels Let’s do it. Saurabh Joshi says that his first YouTube channel was called Arts Channel Saurabh Joshi Arts Is, and theirs Arts Channel But currently approx 4 million Has more than 100 subscribers According to Sourav, he later created his own vlog channel which has made him India’s number one vlogger today and his vlog channel but almost 23 million subscribers is

Sourav in one of his videos gave some information about his vlog channel that earlier he used to upload videos only on his arts channel but later Saurabh Joshi Vlog its brother Sahil Joshi vlogs He gave him the idea of ​​creating a separate vlog channel and then Saurabh created his own vlog channel and today the whole country knows him.

In today’s time Saurabh Joshi Vlog He is from two YouTube channels 80-90 lakhs Let’s earn. And this is their main source of income.

Saurabh Joshi Quick Biography

real name Saurabh Joshi
Most known name Saurabh Joshi
occupation Models, actors, dancers, bloggers and social media influencers
date of birth September 8, 1999
Age (as on 2023) 24 years
place of birth Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
the father Harish Joshi (carpenter)
mother Hema Joshi (Housewife)
nationality Indian
religion Hindu
girlfriend No Information (updated soon)
Monthly Income 1-2 crores
net worth 15-20 crores
Name of Saurabh Joshi’s dog Oreo
mobile phone iPhone 15 Pro

Saurabh started his YouTube career in July 2017 and he uploaded his first video on his art channel in July 2017 but his art channel got very few views. But after that he started his vlog channel on the advice of his brother Sahil and his favorite YouTuber. Flying Beast It started with Sourav’s inspiration and this Sourav faced many problems, his channel was de-monetized twice but still Sourav never gave up and today he is the world’s no.1 vlogger.

Saurabh Joshi Instagram Income

Saurabh Joshi has more than 4 million followers on Instagram. And his posts get more than 1 million likes. But right now Saurabh doesn’t do any kind of brand collaboration on Instagram.

Saurabh Joshi Car Collection

Sourav Joshi has a very expensive car collection, which shows his love for cars. Saurabh Joshi Vlog First close Toyota Innova Crysta The market price of which was approx 26.5 million It is in Indian rupees, but Saurabh sold this car because it is not used and it is now bigger than him. Toyota Fortuner Most of the time Saurabh keeps on moving Toyota Fortuner We only use it and the price of this car in INR is approx 56 lakhs is

Saurabh Joshi Vlog A few weeks ago I bought a second hand one Porsche Boxter Purchased, costing INR 1 crore rupees It is said to be his most expensive car till date.

Apart from these two cars, Sourav has a Mahindra Thar Which he mostly uses for off-roading and has also set up a tent for camping on Sourav’s roof, with which he can stay overnight and camp anywhere. And this Mahindra Thar Approximate price in Indian Rupees. 16 lakhs is

Saurabh Joshi Bike Collection

Saurabh Joshi often says in his videos that he has always loved KTM bikes and today he has one ktm bike The price of which is Indian Rupees 1 lakh 70 thousand taka But Sourav rarely uses bike now because if he goes somewhere on bike, his fans throng there to see him, so he mostly travels by car.

Saurabh Joshi’s new home

Saurabh Joshi recently lives in a rented house in a society in Haldwani with his family, but in the last few vlogs he said that he is currently building a luxury house of his own, which has all kinds of amenities. VIP facilities Hoagie and his new home are being built in the same society where he currently resides.

Sourav Joshi girlfriend

Sourav Joshi girlfriend So far, Saurabh Joshi has not given any information about this, but most of his videos Priya Thapa Seen, who people are calling Sourav’s girlfriend in comments and on other social media platforms, but then Aurav said through a video that they are just college friends who study together in arts college.

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