Sharad Purnima 2023 Date 28 October Lunar Eclipse in India After Sutak Kaal Kheer Bhog

Autumn Full Moon 2023: This year, the Sharad Purnima will be observed under the shadow of a lunar eclipse on 28 October 2023. The full moon of the month of Ashwin is called the autumnal full moon. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi comes to earth on the night of autumnal full moon. At this time Goddess asks everyone about Jagriti ie who is awake? Wealth is showered on those who worship Lakshmi at night.

On the other hand, those who make offerings to the moon on the autumn full moon and eat kheer on a moonlit night get nectar. Because on this day there is amrit rain due to the rays of the moon, but this time there is a lunar eclipse in the autumn full moon, in such a situation when to make kheer and what time to keep it in the moonlit night.

When to make Kheer in Sharad Purnima

This time Sharad Purnima is on October 28 and the lunar eclipse is also happening late at night on the same day. Since lunar eclipse begins 9 hours earlier, religious activities, cooking and eating will be prohibited after 2:52 PM. In such a situation, you can keep kheer under the open sky after getting rid of lunar eclipse. lunar eclipse It will run from 01.05 hrs to 02.22 hrs on 29th October 2023.

In this remedy, there will be no effect of eclipse on kheer (sharad purnima kheer way during lunar eclipse).

Kheer should not be prepared from Sutak to Eclipse and should not be kept in moonlight. In this case, to make kheer, add kusha to cow’s milk before the sutak period begins. Then cover it. It will keep the milk pure during Sutak period. Later you can enjoy making kheer.

After the eclipse is over, take a bath etc., make kheer and leave it in the moonlight in the open sky on a full moon night. After moonset, distribute kheer among the family as prasad and consume it yourself. In this way, the eclipse will not have any negative effect on the kheer and you will be able to take advantage of the divine properties of the kheer.

Why is Kheer made in autumn full moon?

The autumn full moon is considered larger in size than other days and has medicinal properties. On this day kheer is traditionally made from cow’s milk and rice and kept in the moonlight for the whole night, due to which the medicinal and divine qualities of the moon are infused into the kheer.

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