SIM card rules: New rules for buying SIM will be applicable from December 1, know how much you can keep

SIM Card Rules: The central government has changed the rules for buying and selling SIM cards. This change was made in August. After that, the change was supposed to come into effect from October 1, 2023. But could not be implemented. The government has now decided to implement these new rules across the country from December 1, 2023. Department of Telecommunication (DoT) A related senior official informed this information. Telecom companies sought time to implement it. On the basis of which the Directorate of Telecommunication has given additional 2 months time to the telecom companies to implement it.

A limited number of SIMs can be purchased on one ID after this new rule comes into effect. In other words, the purchase of additional SIM will be strictly enforced. Under the new rules, SIM card vendors will have to go through the KYC process before being registered and joining the system.

10 lakh may be fined

After the new rules come into effect, strict action may be taken against those who buy large quantities of SIMs. As per the new rules, after November 30, any telecom company will allow any vendor to sell SIMs without registration. Then in such a situation he can be fined 10 lakh rupees. All dealers must register by 30 November 2023. In this registration process, a written agreement will be required between the SIM card vendor and the telecom companies The government has made new rules to prevent fake SIM cards and financial fraud.

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There are 10 lakh SIM card sellers in the country

In fact, there are many SIM card vendors who were issuing SIM cards without proper verification. Not only that, they themselves were involved in such illegal activities. The government said SIM card sellers involved in illegal activities will be banned and blacklisted for three years. Currently there are about 1 million SIM card sellers in the country.

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