Spinach is in high demand during winter, farmers should choose improved varieties.

Among the major varieties of spinach, Sampurna Hara, Pusa Harit, Pusa Jyoti, Jabnar Green and Hisar Selection-23 are the most widely grown varieties. Today we will share information about these varieties along with their high demand.

Among the things that are eaten more when winter comes, green vegetables come first. Among these, soy-fenugreek, spinach, bathua and mustard greens are the most special. Today we are going to tell you about some major varieties of spinach. Actually a farmer Spinach cultivation This is done due to high demand. According to Ayurveda, spinach contains the highest amount of iron. Which helps in regulating hemoglobin in our health. Because of this, the demand of this vegetable is the highest among people.

Spinach is completely green

Spinach plants of this species are usually green in color. After 5 to 20 days the leaves become soft and ready for harvest. We tell you that it can be cut 6 to 7 times. This main variety of spinach gives high yield. In cold season, seeds and stems appear after about two and a half months.

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Spinach variety Pusa Jyoti

This is another improved variety of spinach, whose leaves are extremely soft and fiberless. Plants of this species grow very quickly. In addition, the leaves also become ready for harvesting, which increases the yield.

Spinach variety Jabnar Green

The main feature of Jabnar Green variety is that it can be grown even in acidic soil. This variety of spinach All leaves are equally green, thick, soft and juicy. Its leaves melt easily when cooked.

Spinach variety Pusa Harit

This wonderful variety of spinach is suitable for hilly areas. Also, it can be grown here throughout the year. Its plants grow upwards. Also, the leaf color is dark green. Its leaves are also quite large in size. The specialty of this variety is that it can be grown in a variety of climates. It can be cultivated easily even in acidic soil.

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