Success story: This young farmer is an example, once he was forced to work as a laborer to run his family, today he has a business worth crores.

Most of the youths are migrating from villages to cities in their desire to have everything. Young people who are well educated feel that after so much education, their only way to survive is a good job and so today, who are crying about unemployment and big salary package, 10th pass in Bamani village of Sangli district of Maharashtra. Tejas Langre, its resident, is an example. who after passing his class 10th examination in 1999 decided to start his own business instead of further studies due to poor financial condition of the family. Currently, people are earning lakhs of rupees every month by trading goats.

Tejas did not lose heart

Intent on making it big, Tejas Langre first started an auto transport business and this is where his fortunes changed. Tejas, who had been transporting goats in his auto for about a year, got the idea to open a goat farm. He had no money to start the business. The financial condition of the family was also not so good that they could pay 20-25 thousand rupees to Tejas for the business. Undaunted, Tejas borrowed some money and bought two African Boer goats, built a shed next to the house and started ‘Mahakali Goat Farm’.

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Foreign currency notes

The goat farm in Tejas has more than 350 goats of the African Boer breed, each goat weighing 20 kg in three and a half months. After that the goat is sold. Every year he sells 100 African Boer goats and goats. Due to which he earns 50 to 60 lakh rupees. Apart from this, he is also rearing beetle goats of Punjab. Its profit is also in lakhs. 100 goats of African Boar breed reared at Tejas farm gain weight from 120 to 150 kg per year. These goats are sold for Tk 1 lakh to Tk 1 lakh 25 thousand during the goat season.

Mathematics of goat rearing

Tejas said a goat gives birth to four kids in 16 months. A goat or goat weighing 20 kg is produced in three and a half months and is sold at 2000 to 1500 rupees per kg, a goat for 40 thousand and a goat for 30 thousand rupees. The cost of rearing a goat and a goat ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500. Thus 30 to 35 thousand profit from goat and 25 thousand profit from goat.

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Goats get special treatment

Tejas gives special treatment to his goat farm. They are given grass to eat three times a day. Protein powder is mixed with water to increase weight. After every 21 days, they are given drugs and injections to ward off disease. A special type of grass has been spread in the farm to reduce the stench.

Goat rearing technology

But for such bumper returns Tejas adopts modern technology. In his farm, separate pens are made for big goats, males and small sheep. Where average space is 5 square feet for kids and 10 square feet for adults. Tejas market is needed for sale of goats. It was. Traders and those who start raising goats come to their farms and buy goats. Many times customers have to wait for months.

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Fertilizer and chicken farm increased income

Currently, Tejas is expanding his business by making goat compost in Lager and selling it as fertilizer and in his one acre farm where he cultivates fodder for goats, he also raises local chickens that can produce 1.5 to 2 kg of local chicken in five to six months. . It is sold at Rs 500 per kg. It gives them extra money.

Learn from Tejas

From the story of Tejas Lengr we learn that even if you don’t have higher education you can succeed in your life if you work hard, struggle and use new technology in the right way. Innovating new products and services in line with customer needs and wants can be the key to their prosperity and growth Tejas Lengr’s entrepreneurship and courage is admirable, and can be a source of inspiration for others as his hard work, technical knowledge and vigilance have made his business a success.

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