Sudden rain and hailstorm in Fatehpur caused heavy crop damage, farmers demanded immediate compensation.

Farmers in Uttar Pradesh’s Fatehpur have been hit by sudden weather conditions, causing heavy damage to their crops. Sudden heavy rain and heavy hailstorm in Fatepur district.

It destroyed the rice standing in the farmer’s field. Spoiled paddy is ready for harvesting. Apart from paddy, other crops have also been severely damaged by this hailstorm.

It is reported that the farmers have lost millions of rupees due to untimely rains and hailstorms. Farmers affected by hailstorm have demanded compensation from the government and administration.

Due to late night rain and hailstorm in Fatepur district, the crops of farmers have been severely damaged. Crops have suffered the most in natural calamities. It is said that there has been a loss of lakhs of rupees.

Farmers have lost their lives due to heavy hailstorm in many areas of the district. Local farmers feel that almost all their crops have been destroyed due to natural disasters. Now it will be difficult for them to meet the cost of cultivation due to inflation after the crop failure.

He demanded the government and the district administration to survey the affected areas and take initiatives to compensate the affected farmers.

The aggrieved farmers demanded immediate compensation

In fact, when the weather turns bad in Fatehpur district, it starts raining late at night. Besides, there has been heavy rain and hail.

Farmers were not prepared for such weather, which resulted in loss of thousands of bighas of their crops. Farmers in various parts of the district are worried due to continuous rain. Now the affected farmers say that they will be devastated if they do not get compensation soon.

60 percent of the paddy was lost

Ashok Patel, the affected farmer, said that 60 percent of his paddy crop was destroyed in the hailstorm. Crops placed next to it were also damaged due to broken rice ears. Standing crops were also damaged. Only after the survey will it be possible to know the actual amount of damage.

Along with rice, banana and potato crops have also been damaged, so farmers need to get compensation quickly.

Another affected farmer, Amit, said that due to yesterday’s rain, most of the paddy crops have become unusable due to the hailstorm and the farmers have become extremely distressed. All the crops standing there became useless.

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