Support Price MSP 2024: The government has drastically increased the support price of wheat, gram, mustard and other rabi crops.

Minimum Support Price MSP 2024-25

Now is the time of rabi sowing in the country., In view of this, like every year, this year also the Central Govt 18 Rabi is the October day of the marketing year 2024-25 Minimum support price for all major crops msp has been announced. So that the farmers can select and sow the crop according to the price received from the government procurement.

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved the marketing season. 2024-25 Minimum Support Price of Rabi Crops msp The increase has been approved. Maximum increase in MSP of pulses ,Lentils, for 425 per quintal and Rs After that for rapeseed and mustard 200 Per quintal sanctioned Rs. Where wheat and sorghum are for each 150 Per quintal Rs, for barley and gram respectively:115 per quintal and Rs 105 An increase per quintal of Rs.

What is the minimum support price of Rabi crops now?,

crop of name

MSP 2023-24


MSP 2024-25



2125 Rs

2275 Rs


1735 Rs

1850 Rs


5335 Rs

5440 Rs


6000 Rs

6425 Rs

Rhapsody And Mustard

5450 Rs

5650 Rs

the yolk

5650 Rs

5800 Rs

msp How much the farmers will benefit by increasing the cost,

On behalf of the central government, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that the government has provided cost relief to farmers. 50 Support prices are expressed with gains greater than 10 percent. Expected profit for wheat at all-India average cost of production 102 percentage, For rapeseed and mustard 98 percentage, For lentils 89 percentage, For chickpeas 60 percentage, for barley 60 For percent and yolk 52 The percentage is This increased MSP of rabi crops will ensure remunerative prices for farmers and encourage crop diversification.

How much does the crop cost?,What has been added,

The government fixes the minimum support price of crops according to their cost. The central government added the average cost of all crops to the support price. Where human labor is employed, bull labor , machine labor, Rent paid for lease of land, the seed, fertilizer, fertilizer, Expenditure on use of material inputs like irrigation charges, Depreciation of equipment and farm buildings, Interest on working capital, Diesel for operating pump sets etc,electricity, Includes miscellaneous expenses and imputed value of family labor.

We tell you that the government is working to increase food security., Oilseeds to increase farmers’ income and reduce import dependence., pulses and grains,Crop diversity is being promoted to increase the yield of coarse grains. Marketing season according to Govt 2024-25 MSP of rabi crop has been increased, So that producers can ensure the due price of their produce.

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