Tejas: Dream Flight Story Launched, Know the Full Story……

Kangana Ranaut’s film ‘Tejas’ has been released in theatres. And it presents a flight of patriotism and courage. Kangana Ranaut plays the character in the film, and brings the character to life with her performance.

The story of “Tejas” revolves around the dream of Tejas, a girl from Mumbai, who wants to become a fighter plane pilot.

Tejas: The Story of Flying Dreams

A girl born in Mumbai dreams of flying a fighter plane for the country. Patriotism has been embedded in his heart since childhood. This is because of Dad’s job at DRDO and seeing the fighter plane Tejas built.

This dream became stronger when the Prime Minister named the fighter plane Tejas. Tejas flies even in dreams from here.

After completing his studies, his interest in flying planes grew from here. He started working very hard, reaching there with his new friend Tejas, who was his junior, but became a work partner. Both started working hard together to fly the Tejas fighter plane. His story of struggle and success strongly connected him and his dream.

The story moves forward, when an Indian spy captures the terrorist. Now it is a difficult task to get him out of there, who will do it is not known.


Tejas went to work with his strong will and courage. He needs to use the skills he needs right with his fellow friends to achieve success. Will Tejas be able to meet this challenge? This is the question on the minds of the audience and its superiors.

The story shows the solution to this challenge through courage, and determination and is a unique and inspiring story that makes people realize the fulfillment of their dreams.

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