Television actress Chhavi Mittal shares metatarsal fracture health update with fans Chhavi Mittal, who is suffering from a leg fracture, shared his health update with fans, saying

Chhavi Mittal Health Update: TV actress Chhavi Mittal has been missing from the small screen for a long time. Last year he defeated a deadly disease like cancer. But even after this, one accident or another accident happened to the actress. A few days ago the film was having trouble breathing. Then the actress got injured in her leg, due to which she has a lot of difficulty in walking. Now Chhavi shared her health update with fans.

Chhavi Mittal shared his health update
Chhavi Mittal posted a glimpse of his latest vlog on his Instagram account. In this video he talks about his health. In the video, the actress can be heard saying that many people ask me, how do you drive, how can you workout with a fracture. So the first thing is that I have a metatarsal fracture. It occurs near the toes. No cast is required for this.

The actress will recover within these few weeks
The actress also said that- “I have a hairline fracture. I don’t need a cast for it and it’s a very good thing for me. Because of this I can wear shoes. I can do walking here. And there. I’m getting it. The doctor told me That’s all I can do that doesn’t cause me pain. I can do upper body exercises. Only walking hurts. It’s been a week now and 3″ and 4 weeks to go and everything will be fine in these few days.”

We tell you that after this video, fans are also praying for his speedy recovery.

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