The country’s first apple sitafal is being produced in Maharashtra bid, will earn lakhs of rupees at low cost

A special type of custard apple is being cultivated in Bied, Maharashtra. Its name is Apple Sitaphal. Looks a lot like an apple, hence the name apple sitafal. The breed was developed at a research center in Bid. The specialty of this custard apple is that it contains very few seeds. Other varieties of custard apple have 25 to 30 seeds. But apple custard apples have only four seeds. Because of this, these custard apples are in high demand. The experts of the research center say that this demand will help the farmers to earn lakhs of rupees at low cost. Let us know the complete news in detail.

21 types of custard apples are prepared

In fact, Beed district is known as one of the drought-prone areas of Maharashtra. There is a custard apple research center at Ambajogai, Beed. 21 different varieties of custard apples have been developed at the Custard Apple Research Center. While talking to the farmers, expert of the research center, Dr. Govinda, claimed that apple sitafal produced here cannot be seen anywhere in the country.

This variety has very few seeds

Another specialty of this apple sitafal is that it has very few seeds compared to other varieties. Similarly, this fruit is also useful to eat. It is a famous custard apple of the region. This Sitafal has also received a patent from Govt.
This research center was established in 1997. Farmers are benefiting from this custard apple research center. From 2016 to date, farmers have planted its cuttings on more than 300 hectares of land through the Custard Apple Research Center.

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8 lakh pen trees have been prepared

Custard apple trees developed by the research center have been planted by farmers in Jalgaon, Solapur, Nagpur, Osmanabad, Latur, Beed, Nashik and Nanded in the state. Also farmers from other states also take saplings from here. This includes states like Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Around 08 lakh grafted plants have been prepared by this research center since 2016. From this, the Center received a fund of Rs.54 lakhs.

The state government is giving money

If the farmers of Bid produce these custard apples, there will be no harm to them, said the expert of the research center. He said, this Sitafruit Research Center will go ahead and introduce Sitafruit to the processing industry. Farmers will get double income by making ice cream, rabri and kulfi from this sita fruit. Besides, he said that the production of custard apple requires very little water and the production is good.

The state government has sanctioned Rs 3 crore 92 lakh for three years for this research centre. 1 crore 30 lakhs will be given to the Center every year. These funds will be used to purchase materials for the use of the research center.

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